Saturday, November 12, 2005

Daily Pictorial - Free Association

Gawd we have em fooled don't we darlin !
A male hooker, Talon Press, Gannon/Guckert,
and the corporate placed president, Bush,
his "Monica" moment, NOT COVERED (as usual) by the lame corporate media.

Below LEFT

Gosh and now we have dear old (couldn't get elected over a dead man,but could be appointed Attorney General) Ashcroft, the man responsible for gutting the American constitution and rendering the former democracy "neutered."

Below Right

The Vote Bush visual by the burning WTC towers is transparent. NO ONE benefitted more from 9/11 than Bush. For an incompetent in office who had given orders to Ashcroft NOT to fly (prior to 9/11), this flake takes the cake for deceit. Who, through the utter devious nature of the US media, has has been allowed to continue to milk 911, uninvestigated by any credible source.

Then there is the ongoing bald head fetish (common in gay men actually). Not that we want to claim this cretin as part of our community...because darlin he surely is not. This is a man who does one thing in private and another in public, and lies continually. We don't want him in our midst.

We have too many people of courage who have fought far too long against just this type of hypocritical bullshit. The guy being petted is Ari..the former re-incarnated Nazi press man for the Bush cabal . Ari hired Gannon, and Talon news, to produce the news for the White House and operate as a plant in press briefings. Gannon had carte blanche to the White House, an interesting situation for a guy advertising as "eight inches uncut," on a website (now taken down) entitled "Military" (like Bush and Cheney...Gannon has never served in the military and only posed as having done so). They like the macho image but not the work associated with it.

This says it all. Evolution, smevoltion are regressing...and the repitilian brains (psychopaths) have taken over ! (Well not ALL men...apologies to you evolved souls and you know who you are)!

That is all for the daily free association .... (I need some music here don't ya think) Jon Stewart has the God machine...surely I can dream up something.


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