Sunday, November 13, 2005

Daily Pictorial Musing

Bush, making another spin speech to a screened audience of stooges, of course rubbing the bald head of the man who introduced him.

Do you patronize another person by rubbing his bald head (because YOU like to) ?

How utterly odd !

Why do all these guys look like reptiles. Thin lips, tongues that flick out...and rare smile with the "heh, heh"


I rest my case. Wolfowitz, the war mongering Neo CON now at the WTO who should be in Gitmo for treason.

The Bush mafia's number one man, who along with Rehnquist managed to subvert the American Constitution.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is with Scalia's "head" [the one on top of this neck?] -- it appears to be shaped like a Frankenstein skull or maybe a traumatic childbirth -- weird! Hey, Stealth, I'm lovin' your new gig with the "free associations" -- great for all us VISUAL types, eh?
Keep up the good work, until Mugabe Bush has been ridden outta a town, tarred and feathered, okay?
Your fan, Carson LaRoux

3:02 PM  

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