Saturday, November 12, 2005

People of the Lie - Intelligence Twisted

From funding Adolf Hitler, to training Osama Bin Laden, the United States and some its largest industries have long supported both sides of every conflict, and been heavily vested in every war on this planet.

One has only to view the U.S. National Archives to see the truth about Bush support of Hitler and Auschwitz during WWII and business dealings with the family of Osama Bin Laden are extensively detailed all over the web.

Overt profits at Carlyle Inc (where Bush1 was the major salesman to the Saudis) of over 40% per annum in military industrial equipment (where firms like Time Warner, the Saudi Royal Family and the Bin Laden Group were all heavily vested and in position to profit on 9/11). Corporate puppet Bush2, started this world wide war and totalitarian corporate take over for the oil cartel of the United States.

This is the latest leak in intelligence to try to paint Bush as not one of the people of the lie so much as being incompetent.

Sigh. What have we come to eh? This is supposed to be a decent "christian" man.
He lies so much we can separate when he is telling the truth - as an anomaly.

Both Bush administrations are strongly connected to pedophile rings (from Franklin gate to Gannon gate) that have been hushed up. Male hookers seen dodging around the White House and affectionate cupping of said hooker's head by said president is ignored. Religious wrong leaders as well have been identified with these rings.
(Of course the Catholic Church has 3000 outstanding cases in criminal pedophilia...always around to buddy up to whomever is starting a war to exterminate someone else not christian).

Gee how obvious can we get that the press is blocking for these guys and the entire news cycle is manufactured kaka.

I guess when they can block from the American people that their President and his family were on the side of the Nazis in WII and built their luxurious compound on the blood of people from Auschwitz...maintaining it with the blood of American kids, Vietnamese, Chileans, you name it in phoney corporate war after corporate war...well it kinda makes Stealth cranky. (Not to mention Iran Contra, Saudi suitcases full of cash)

It is more than the intelligence that is twisted in the USA. Where is the humanity of these people. Are they even human beings? They have no empathy, no kindness, no consideration and murder at will. You got oil...suddenly you are attacking the USA and they have to come in and murder your heinious leader to set you "free."
(Never seems to happen in a country devoid of oil)

THINK ABOUT IT. The USA could have given EVERY Iraqi a million bucks... 35 million Iraqis...35 million bucks...even Saddam. Then WALKED IN as liberators and the people would have taken Saddam out. Now over 500 BILLION later, depleted uranium expediting globaL warming, the USA continues to bomb the shit out of a country with no airforce and only a rag tag resistance certainly supported beyond its borders, as France was under Nazi Occupation, TORTURE And RULE.

Arrgh..don't get me started. We'll also be looking into just how generous (or not) the USA really IS worldwide. Most will be horrified to find that the B.S. you are sold nationally is simply NOT true. The US makes a big announcement about sending support to Africa, for example for AIDS..and it never arrives. Or Bush finds a way to ensure that cheaper drugs will NOT get to AIDS victims in Africa.

Working for Change is an excellent site with many dedicated to restoring the country (USA) to the democracy it was before the Bush clan began systematically criminalizing the country.

Here is an excerpt from "Lying With Intelligence" by Robert Scheer

It should be remembered that while Bush and his gang were successfully scaring the wits out of us about the alleged Iraq-Al Qaida alliance, U.N. weapons inspectors were on the ground in Iraq. Weapons inspectors Hans Blix and 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei promised they could finish scouring the country if given a few more months. But instead, they were abruptly chased out by an invasion necessitated by what the president told us was a "unique and urgent threat."

Bush exploited the worldwide horror felt over the 9-11 attacks to justify the Iraq invasion. His outrageous claim, repeated over and over before and after he dragged the nation into an unnecessary war, was never supported by a single piece of credible evidence.

The Bush defense of what is arguably the biggest lie ever put over on the American people is that everyone had gotten the intelligence wrong. Not so at the highest level of U.S. intelligence, as DITSUM No. 044-02 so clearly shows. How could the president not have known?


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Bush is up to his squinty eyeballs in this bilious stew of death and destruction he illegally and unnecessarily launched upon Iraq. We need to impeach his sorry balls ... Carson Laroux

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