Tuesday, November 22, 2005

In God We Trust?

Ken Starr (Karl Rove's older look alike and soul brother, who as a prosecuter worked with the GOP to attempt to bring down a sitting president with a sting operation, a stained dress and a blow job.) CNN could not wait to broadcast the evidence to the world. Under God eh?

While the ever present war for profit team was gearing up to restart the oil war in the Gulf, and again CNN was ramping with them (especially Blitzer, Zahn, ..heck even Oprah got in the GOP gang bang).

Voting rigged and a government of fascists run by oil thugs and dead enders from Texas.

Assassins of presidents, murderers and money launderers.

where, GOD is an acronym for Greed Oppression & Denial and everyone with a slick suit - HIS angry messenger.


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