Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Who Owns the News Media?


So ya think we have a "free press," eh? Check out who owns who, and who owns what you think...GENERAL ELECTRIC (donated $1.1 million to GW Bush for his 2000 election campaign) Television Holdings: * NBC: includes 13 stations, 28% of US households. * NBC Network News: The Today Show, Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC, NBC News at Sunrise. * CNBC business television; MSNBC 24-hour cable and Internet news service (co-owned by NBC and Microsoft); Court TV (co-owned with Time Warner), Bravo (50%), A&E (25%), History Channel (25%). The "MS" in MSNBC means Microsoft. The same Microsoft that donated 2.4 million to get GW bush elected.

Other Holdings: * GE Consumer Electronics. * GE Power Systems: produces turbines for nuclear reactors and power plants. * GE Plastics: produces military hardware and nuclear power equipment. * GE Transportation Systems: runs diesel and electric trains. WESTINGHOUSE / CBS INC.

CNN Conspiracy: War Propaganda Disguised as 'News' by CNN
(EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite the writers' strike, CNN is making fake reality shows disguised as discussion and news. This is the epitome of Government-Media Cartel propaganda. Stalin and other despotic warmongers would be proud to have CNN working for them cranking out this nonsense.)

CNN Presents: We Were Warned - Iran Goes Nuclear examines a potential scenario of the nation's response to an Iran with nuclear weapon capabilities. Participating in the scenario are people with real-life situation task force experience at the highest levels of government:Former Acting CIA Director John Mclaughlin in the role as National Security Advisor, Former Nixon and Clinton Sr. Staffer David Gergen in the role as White House Chief of Staff


Stealth comment:

These agencies behave like psychopaths devoid of conscience or empathy, they daily inflict a public diversion from the American terror perpetrated worldwide by American corporations using public funding and the American military to do it.

GE also funded Nazi Germany throughout WWII along with Ford and GM, so we need to take a good long look at who is running our public airwaves and take them back. While we're at it let us nationalize the bloody oil. Our natural resources have been privatized by a bunch of thugs, it is high time we stood up to them and told them it is NOT the economy, stupid, it IS the stupid economy run by these monsters. Why on earth should we be held hostage by these neanderthals - let us hold them to account, now. The world is perfectly capable of evolving if lead by people capable of evolving themselves. It is time those with brains and hearts stopped allowing themselves to be lead by psychopaths.