Monday, February 25, 2008

The Thing - A William Kristol Production

As we watch the Iraqi death toll now exceed a million, and the bombings in Baghdad increase and move into the green zone...
as we watch a criminal administration and congress refuse to behave in accordance with the law or enforce to bring this
pack of thugs and dead enders to is like waking in the middle of a batman cartoon. The corporate owned cretin(s)
i.e. Cheney, are off in a cave pulling the levers of terror all around the world, while a Bush bribed, or threatened congress rubber stamps treason. All quite amazing in the breadth and depth of criminality and the limp response from congress or any
"legitimate" law enforcement group.

The media is doing what they have always done only more so,
goose-stepping to the cash n' carry conservatives who are more crminal than conservative and have ownership in military industrial stocks. So guess whose "side" they are on?
No wonder faith-based funding is just Gawd's little money laundry from the Abramoff gang. with the likes of Ralphie Reed, running the scam with the casinos and the churches. Heck these guys can work both sides of the street and walk from justice on any given Sunday.

Why won't congress (Republicans AND Democrats) IMPEACH Bush and Cheney, they are both in contempt of every law domestically, and war criminals internationally.
They are disgusting and if the USA is unable to make them comply with the laws of the USA then they need to hand them over to the World Court.
THE WORLD DEMANDS JUSTICE from the evil perpetuated by these monsters.

Barack Obama speaks in the lyrical language of the Irish Kennedy clan and we must allow him to see full promise as a human being on this planet. Too often we have stood silent when our prophets like Martin, Bobby and John were ripped from our dreams, crucifying hope as they so often do.

Let us put those devoid of conscience in our nations on notice.
Touch one hair on the head of ANY candidate and we are coming for you and bringing you to justice. Assassinations, plane crashes, and the usual response will NOT be tolerated.

So watch for the "the thing" in your neigborhood, devoid of conscience, a constant source of manipulation and lies,
their need to divide is imperative - you will know them by their anger, scapegoating, and psychopathic nature.

Over a MILLION dead in Iraq and not a murmur about GENOCIDE? Where is the conscience, the concern, the humanity...the empathy - is all America devoid of conscience?

Let's take back our air waves from these narcissistic navel gazing, brainwashed idiots who mindlessly repeat a corporate patter and spin designed to brainwash, while distracting with the endless campaign to be president, with no news coming from Iraq.

Let us get a news media AND a president that are accountable and operate within the laws of the country. The time is now, and we are just the "folks" to get it done.


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