Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bashing Baseball While Planning the Next Attack

While Bush attempted today to ram through a bill to cover his ass and that of the telcos who have spied on the World, including their own country...the Congress placed their attack on steroid use in baseball on national TV, British TV and Canadian national TV.
Gosh one would think that steroid use was as important as impeachment, or treason under this Bush league group of "human beings" called congress.

While the Bush administration is suspected now by the majority of America in being complicit in the 9/11 attacks by either standing down or being directly involved, while the economy goes in the tank from another scheme almost identical to the Savings and Loan scam orchestrated by Neil Bush under the Bush 1 presidency, and while the mountain of facts tying Bush to Abramoff, Enron, and a multitude of fraud the American congress decided to interrogate baseball players for the use of steroids. It kinda makes my hair stand on end at the outrageous, pious, distracting, hypocrisy of congress. American law is a farce with this fascist, crime family in office and all congress can do is try baseball players for steroids. What no hookers to try for servicing the Bush family? God almighty herself must be blown away at the audactiy of hatred, the punitive, pious, idiots who dare call themselves human,....these men and women who allow themselves to be used as pawns in a game of distraction while every crime under the sun is and has been committed by the Bush Cheney thugs and dead enders..unreported, unaccountable and above the law.

The United States of America is no longer a democracy. There is no habeas corpus, the CIA is a drug running, sex slave trading, arms dealer and the congress does nothing but cover for them, along with the corporate owned national media.

They (the CIA and RNC/Bushes) have managed to "disappear" more candidates for the presidency than any crime family in history. The result - the nation is left with this lying, cheating, SCUM - who are operating above the law and beneath contempt. My 95 year old grandmother is so angry the moment Bush comes on TV that she has to leave the room.
She says, "HE is evil - he is the very essence of evil."

So congress next time you want to play Operation MOCKINGBIRD...just expect to be called on it. You can also expect to be brought to justice for obstructing justice, failure to report the truth, and a complicit criminal plot to mislead the public into war, distracting from the criminal, fascist family
the media has aided and abetted in stealing office.

Three generations of war criminals from the Merchants of Death in WWI and Samuel Bush, to Prescott Bush, Hitler's Angel, to George H.W. Bush who criminalized the entire CIA making it his own assassination squad, drug running, thieving KGB, to today's thug and dead ender. This is what Bush EUGENICS has given us, the mean spirited, combination of Babs and Poppy's genes. Bred to be a narcissistic psychopath it is all he knows, and crime is "just business" in this pack, of puerile, pious propagandists.

The last "surge" in Operation UGLY, the illegal, immoral invasion and genocide of over a million Iraqis, their continued torture and illegal incarceration (over 60,000 souls). There is no God in America folks ....she gave up.

While American national TV does not even report the news from Iraq which shows an INCREASE in bombings in Baghdad.
Lies, more damn lies.

Indeed...over 50,000 slaughtered in the prior
illegal, immoral "war"...with over THREE MILLION Vietnamese slaughtered in that same little extravaganza.

HOLD these MONSTERs ACCOUNTABLE or just forget having any "justice system" at all.

In the meantime, NATIONAL TV...get a grip, NEWS would be holding someone to account that is the source of much evil, Bush or Cheney.


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