Monday, February 18, 2008

Grand Old White Party Verses Obama

We could not have had a more stark comparison the other night when Barack Obama had just given a rousing speech after handily winning four states with more than a 20% margin in each.

Some comments from Frank Rich that had me giggling most of the day yesterday.

Op-Ed Columnist
The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama By FRANK RICH
Published: February 17, 2008

THE curse continues. Regardless of party, it’s hara-kiri for a politician to step into the shadow of even a mediocre speech by Barack Obama.

Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times
Frank Rich

Senator Obama’s televised victory oration celebrating his Chesapeake primary trifecta on Tuesday night was a mechanical rehash. No matter. When the networks cut from the 17,000-plus Obama fans cheering at a Wisconsin arena to John McCain’s victory tableau before a few hundred spectators in the Old Town district of Alexandria, Va., it was a rerun of what happened to Hillary Clinton the night she lost Iowa. Senator McCain, backed by a collection of sallow-faced old Beltway pols, played the past to Mr. Obama’s here and now. Mr. McCain looked like a loser even though he, unlike Senator Clinton, had actually won

But he has it even worse than Mrs. Clinton. What distinguished his posse from Mr. Obama’s throng was not just its age but its demographic monotony: all white and nearly all male. Such has been the inescapable Republican brand throughout this campaign, ever since David Letterman memorably pegged its lineup of presidential contenders last spring as “guys waiting to tee off at a restricted country club.”

(Here we have McCain slobbering all over the most hated president in the history of the world. It really instills confidence that McCain might be different (not). )

For Mr. McCain, this albatross may be harder to shake than George W. Bush and Iraq, particularly in a faceoff with Mr. Obama. When Mr. McCain jokingly invoked the Obama slogan “I am fired up and ready to go” in his speech Tuesday night, it was as cringe-inducing as the white covers of R & B songs in the 1950s — or Mitt Romney’s stab at communing with his inner hip-hop on Martin Luther King’s birthday. Trapped in an archaic black-and-white newsreel, the G.O.P. looks more like a nostalgic relic than a national political party in contemporary America. A cultural sea change has passed it by.

(While John McCain stays locked in the age old Nazi GOP strategy of war for profit and greed masked as freedom, while they destroy any democracy at home)

As some Republicans drift away in a McCain-Obama race, who fills the vacuum? Among the white guys flanking Mr. McCain at his victory celebration on Tuesday, revealingly enough, was the once-golden George Allen, the Virginia Republican who lost his Senate seat and presidential hopes in 2006 after being caught on YouTube calling a young Democratic Indian-American campaign worker “macaca.”
In that incident, Mr. Allen added insult to injury by also telling the young man, “Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia.” As election results confirmed both in 2006 and last week, it is Mr. Allen who is the foreigner in 21st century America, Mr. Allen who is in the minority in the real world of Virginia. A national rout in 2008 just may be that Republican Party’s last stand.

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Hmm...routing Republicans, the parallel to the American nazi party, what a treat THAT would be and nothing would show the world more profoundly exactly how Americans feel and think.
Let's start with voting them ALL out of office, every single one of them who would not enforce the law and impeach the criminal, lying, cheating, treasonous administration placed in office by a criminal Supreme Court. THEN let us examine the cretins placed on the court by Republican mafia members who then depend on them for future fascist choices. Judges placed by criminals should not be sitting on the bench.


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