Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fear, Fraud and Fascism - the Republican Party

Hey this first message is for the Republican Party from every woman in the world. We do not want the likes of
the Republican Nazis ( the Christian right wing OR Islamo fascists) deciding OUR reproductive

Let's not forget the Republicans in Democratic clothing who have sold our jobs overseas, bilked the national treasury and exhausted the American and Canadian militaries in illegal, immoral wars that should never have been declared, when the real enemy is the Bush crime family, the corporate press who refuse to publish the truth about the real past of many enemy trading cronies from GE, to Ford, to GM, to Bechtel, and Lockheed Martin, the torturing, slave trading, enemy arming past cannot be denied. It is not pretty but it MUST be told and understood by the American people.
The NAU is a document of treason negotiated without the approval of congress or OUR elected representatives in Canada, Mexico or the USA.

While the press plays an elaborate game of bait and switch, selling stories to distract the public from what is really going on. i.e. Yesterday we were met with a blitzkrieg of coverage on baseball steroid use (of ten years ago) that somehow had to be shown nationally in Canada, the USA and Britain.
But scratch the surface and we found that the Bushites were trying to ram through an unlimited
extension of powers to Bush under the FISA act...powers given to him after 9/11 so he could "catch the terrorists." Since it now appears quite obvious to most of us with a brain and a heart - the
evil is in the White House, and they are criminals operating with no accountability whatsoever.

Everytime I see this ENRON lobbiest and former RNC Chair, I want to hurl. ENRON bought this presidency lock, stock and barrel, destroyed California, and now the entire country is beinging scammed.

This SCUM still tries to present himself as a "values" candidate. GIVE ME A BREAK.

Remember ol Porter Goss...another Bush appointee who resigned in disgrace... there
are so many it is difficult to keep track.

While Bush and the RNC thugs and dead enders simply THREATEN The country with a terrorist attack if they don't sign off on their totalitarian

Here we have the latest threat from walking cadaver Chertoff...
Steve Watson

Infowars.netMonday, Feb 11, 2008

Department of Homeland Security Head Michael Chertoff has repeated the same fearmongering warning he made last year - he is worried "earth shattering" terror events are likely to be carried out soon.
Once again, Chertoff provides no specific details, he simply reminds Americans that they need to remain afraid of phantom terrorists:
"If you're asking me what keeps me up at night or what I most worry about -- in the short term, obviously, you worry about homegrown terrorists or somebody coming in with an explosive device or the kind of act of violence or terror that we've actually seen occasionally carried out in this country by people who are simply nuts or like a Timothy McVeigh." Chertoff told WTOP news.

But in the longer run, in terms of something that would really be earth-shattering, the kinds of things I'm worried about are a nuclear or a dirty bomb attack or a nuclear or biological attack." Chertoff continued, citing the motive of toppling the already teetering US economy.
The threat from "Al Qaeda" is not over, Chertoff is at pains to remind us, "
Just look at what's happened in the last year." he adds, referring to the fact that two men, since proven to be totally unconnected to "Al Qaeda", set a jeep on fire and drove it towards Glasgow airport in Scotland last August.
(Article continues below)
It was just last July that Chertoff cited a "gut feeling" when warning that Al Qaeda may attack the US, at the same time admitting there was not enough evidence of a pending attack to raise the nation's threat level.
He then toured the country warning attendees to his speeches that his gut feelings included simultaneous Los Angeles / San Francisco dirty bomb attacks.
Chertoff's hunches were much maligned by critics and spurred MSNBC's Keith Olbermann to lay out possible explanations for "Mr. Chertoff's remarkable revelations about his transcendently important, counter-terrorism stomach."
In recent times Chertoff has expressed disdain for those who have described the "war on terror" as hype, even taking a swipe at the 9/11 truth movement.
He is always keen to focus on his assertion that the internet is a breeding ground for terror and has publicly predicted that the next attack will be carried out by home grown web radicalized terrorists.

...So I guess we know where to look first when it happens.


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