Monday, February 18, 2008

The Surge at Operation Enduring Stupidity

We hear John McCain claiming "he" is the author of the latest debacle in Iraq, entitled "the surge."
Of course there is a complete news black out from Iraq so they can tell us whatever they want.

The facts:

The Surge was supposed to be a temporary increase in the number of US troops that would give the Iraqis time to reach political reconciliation between the Sunnis and the Shia. Once that political progress was made then the US could reduce the number of troops without the violence returning. If that political reconciliation has not happened, if we cannot reduce the number of troops without a return to violence then the Surge has NOT worked.

Yup the good ol "straight talk express" has not only had the wheels fall off but any "talk" is pretty much that of a recorded computer chip seemingly implanted in the head of John McCain.

Is John McCain at home? He seems devoid of soul. The moment he moves to the mike, he slips into this dead-pan drone that would bore a
bee off a seemingly fresh victim. What the hell happened to the guy who told the religious right that their intolerance was no more acceptable than anyone elses?
Where did that straight talkin guy go?
Good grief even his body is rebelling, stiffening into a tortured old man doing everything contrary to his very essence or sense of being, while he charges forth repeating history,
biting back the bile of groveling to Bush while his wife looks at the floor.

Hey John, the surge is NOT working. The invasion of Iraq is illegal, immoral and genocidal. It is quite simply a WAR CRIME. To PLAN to be there for 100 years I am quite certain is another war crime - especially to plan a war of that length.

John McCain is the antithesis of hope.
He appears to be another paid off Bushite, willing to do anything to cover the tracks of one of the most criminal U.S. families in the history of the Democracy. Did you know that Prescott Bush attempted a coup to assassinate FDR, and wanted Smedley Butler to lead a group to do it...but Butler turned him in? (Please run your own is all in the archives. The Bush crime family is above the law).

The ONLY successful surge at Operation Enduring Stupidity is the
coverup of the ongoing scandals that would have beseiged a democratic White House. But the law only applies to Democrats and certainly not the Bush family.

While a criminal media continues to cover up sixty years of fascism and trading with the enemy, this dubious democracy stumbles on seemingly unable to prosecute and hold accountable the most criminal presidency in history.


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