Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Bush Backward" to Replace Ass Backward

As the Saudis this week try a "witch" for practicing the pagan religion of the earth, America's placed thug president continues to drag the country (at breakneck speed) backward to the 16th. century.
Proving that no one in history has done as much to harm his country and done so with such absolute impunity, he plunges on lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, and obstructing justice in plain sight, aided and abetted by a treasonous, gutless, corporate media who long ago parked their collective conscience by a door that defines them as human.

While a gutless, criminal congress watches from the sidelines or rubber stamps the cowardly, cruel criminal tyrants in office, we the people wait for our elected representatives to STAND on our behalf, to DO THEIR JOBS and enforce the damn law.

Some of us still have a conscience and we want you (Bush media) to know that we are writing the TRUE history of this evil, "elite" regime in STONE, so that the generations who follow will know the evil perpetrated around the world while propaganda "news" agencies owned by corporations, sold the narcissistic presidency race.
The race for CEO of the American corporate fascist state, played endlessly to distract from the more than a million DEAD in Iraq, the three million murdered in Viet Nam, the entire country of Nicaragua destroyed.... It is quite a history to keep your eyes closed to and one that leaves a trail of blood around the world.

The silent screams of the tortured ECHO throughout the night, around the world and those of us who can still feel, think and
and react KNOW the TRUTH.

The CIA is a criminal agency that has been infiltrated and used by the Bush crime family for sixty years. From the Merchants of Death in WWI (Samuel Bush), to Prescott Bush, Hitler's Angel, to Poppy Bush the drug lord of the CIA who can start any war, anywhere, anytime...he just funds wars with drug money or help from the Saudis. Cash in suitcases...your cash and carry conservatives are the same as our Canadian cash and carry conservatives. i.e. Brian Mulroney is giving classic examples of how it all worked during the Reagan/Bush crime time.

Ol Brian Mulroney is still hated throughout Canada for bringing in the Government Service Tax, while bilking the national treasury,and starting NAFTA with Reagan/Bush. These "men" do not help their countries...they help the 10% who made their money in the first place by selling to the enemy in every war. When they are not bilking the national treasury they are attacking womens' reproductive rights, the first thing by the way that every tyrant does.

In the meantime the internet, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress details completely the history of the Bush crime family, only American CORPORATE OWNED news media have conspired to treat the Bush CRIME family with kid gloves, never revealing the
lurid, criminal past. Which leaves them free to repeat their crimes again and again and again.
So much so that from now on ...I think we should change the expression that someone
has something "ass backward," to "Bush backward" - that really describes just how bad it is
in this American frontal lobotomy of fascism called "freedom."


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