Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hypocrisy Inc. - Baseball Verses Treason

This morning, when a world is screaming for the arrest and impeachment of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, treason, and fraud, on national TV (in Canada, the USA and Britain) the American congress is interrogating (can water boarding be far behind) baseball players for steroid use.

Here we have a criminal American administration on steroids and the American congress attempts to distract the world with this. As usual the Bush boys attempt to scapegoat another segment of society that is merely reflecting the character and void of integrity in office.

I have three words for Congress and then another THREE WORDS>

Impeach Bush Cheney


Hold the Bush Cheney crime clan and the criminal CIA to account or go home. You are NOT the elected representatives of the people. Perhaps Congress should take steroids to find the chutzpa to uphold the damn law as it pertains to the protection of the country from the
evil within.

Ah and in Canada we have our cash and carry conservative hacks

Indeed Mulroney's magic remains unchanged in government with the cash and carry conservatives who use the party as a bagman for the Prime Minister. You simply bribe the party and the party ferrets the money to the man. Slick as a whistle and clearly no one inteferes with the process.

Hell Canada AND the USA are both being ruled by
the mob in suits. Paid off mental midgets who will do anything for their masters...while congress runs around prosecuting baseball players. Give us all a break congress we are sooo sick of your hypocrisy.

While the constitution (the ONE thing the president swears to protect) is totally in tatters...
the news media, is off on another OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD distraction ... baseball steroids.

THE WORLD demands you hold Bush Cheney accountable or hand them over to the WORLD COURT. Your hypocrisy exceeds any last vestiages of democracy. This baseball crap is like watching McCarthy hearings...while the slime in office is doing the prosecuting.

The hypocrisy of a lawless presidency exceeds ANY sense of fairness as long as Bush, Cheney remain free.


Anonymous WARFARM said...

I am also extremely pissed off that these pigs are sticking there dirty noses into our national past time. They are busy destroying our heroes and are, in my opinion, attempting to break the American spirit. Meanwhile our criminal government continues to pass laws allowing big business to steal property from the American people. All at the same time covering up their crimes committed on 9/11. Their hypocrisy is quite the understatement of all time.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Stealth Lesbian said...

Indeed the evil "elite" have implemented a plan over the past sixty years which has gradually moved the USA into full blown fascism. Heck the national media has hushed up three generations of Bush fscism, trading with the enemy and connections to the murder of various democratic candidates. Somewhere along the line the CIA came under the Bush crime family and it no longer (if it ever did) worked FOR American citizens. It is a criminal agency operating to protect corporate treason worldwide.

1:16 PM  
Anonymous WAR said...

Alex Jones had a guest (former Clinton thug) on about a week ago that shed some more light on the Clinton saga. I honestly believe they are about to false flag us again but this time it will be to mask the total collapse of our economy. It's going to be very ugly.

8:42 AM  

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