Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The People Verses Monopolized Propaganda

I do not think there are many of us left who do not realize we have been duped by a corporate owned news monopoly who work against the average person, feeding an endless diet to the public on the benefits of corporatism. If we think about it every holiday we celebrate is a corporate invention to help us spend money or feel guilty about missing a gift giving session totally created by corporations to get us all to buy more.

With the purchase of Dow Jones & Company, Murdoch adds not just the Wall Street Journal to his holdings, but also Barron’s, the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Asian Wall Street Journal, Market Watch, Dow Jones Indexes, the Ottaway group of community newspaper, and the online database Factiva.

Prior to this week, Murdoch’s News Corporation already owned over 175 newspapers around the world, including the New York Post. His other prized holdings include the Fox TV Network, Fox News, MySpace, the Weekly Standard, HarperCollins, The Times of London, the Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph, The Sun newspaper, the News of the World, Caribbean Life, part of the National Geographic Channel, FX, the film company 20th Century Fox, and part of TV Guide.

Besides amassing a media empire, Murdoch has repeatedly been accused of using his media holdings to advance his political agenda. In 2003, all of Murdoch’s 175 newspapers supported the Iraq invasion. Just last month, it was revealed former British Prime Minister Tony Blair personally called Murdoch three times in the week leading up to the US and British invasion of Iraq. In his diaries, Blair’s then-communications director, Alistair Campbell, said Blair was afraid the media would find out about Murdoch’s influence. Campbell wrote, “It was faintly obscene that we even had to worry what [Murdoch] thought.” A deputy to Campbell called Murdoch “the 24th member of the [Blair] Cabinet.”
(So much for breaking away from British tyranny)

We the people broke up the telcos when they became too monopolized, too predatory and it is high time we broke up the news agencies, news papers and the fascist global monopoly who have taken over our newspapers and television channels. How is that in Canada we have our census contracted to LOCKHEED MARTIN (also involved in torture in Iraq) without a huge outcry in the media, while our Canada Pension plan is vested in industrial military stock. All the while our news agencies sit mute.

When we take our respective countries back this year,
let us move immediately to break up the global gulag of propaganda from this manipulative, treasonous, lying,
monster called Murdoch.


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