Monday, January 07, 2008

Protecting Our Prophets

"How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside..." Bob Marley

America's bright light Barrack Obama, has the "mo" coupled with an ability to orate that we have not seen since John and Bobby Kennedy, both assassinated by the right wing fascists of America.

And poor Hillary Clinton, the perfectly coifed, and monied candidate waiting like a stand-in to fill in for Bill...looks like she has no idea what hit her. It is called charisma and we haven't seen the likes of this since JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King. The prophets of the sixties taken down in their prime in their own country, by an opposition that plays at democracy while quietly imposing a rigid totalitarian corporate tyranny of injustice could not be more imperiled.

Our job is to remain on high alert and stop this national suicide from continuing. i.e.

Blackwater, that reactionary private mercenary outfit headed by the right-wing Christian nationalist Erik Prince stands to lose big time with an Obama presidency. Under George W. Bush Blackwater went from a marginal company with about $27 million in government contracts to a behemoth currently receiving over $1 billion in federal largesse.

It was revealed after the massacre of 17 Iraqis in Baghdad by Blackwater mercenaries that the U.S. State Department cannot function in Iraq without the services of the well-connected private company. Blackwater has a lot riding financially on keeping the Iraq occupation going and a lot to lose if it is ended. (Please read Jeremy Scahill's book Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army.)Under an Obama Administration Blackwater would no doubt be cut down to size along with Bush's other crony capitalist entities. The Blackwater Boys no doubt have close friends and ideological soul mates deep inside the federal security services.

What must be done with Blackwater is what President John F. Kennedy said he wanted to do with the CIA following the Bay of Pigs disaster: Tear it up into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind. FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, and JFK are rolling in their graves at the privatizing of the armed forces that George W. Bush has rammed through. With privatization comes a lack of control on the part of the government over its own military and security services. Bush gave Blackwater and companies like it a free ride on the government's dime and they no doubt want the gravy train to continue. Obama promises to apply the brakes. He therefore has some well-armed and lethally trained enemies that stand to lose their livelihoods if he follows through on his promise to end the Iraq occupation.

When the political winds blow toward radical change our recent history shows that there's a tendency for popular leaders on the left to face some form of unexplained tragedy. Let's hope the primary campaigns of 2008 only mirror those of 1968 in their grassroots energy, enthusiasm, and vision for the future.

Indeed in election after election our Democratic leaders and prophets have been assassinated, murdered, and planes have crashed so frequently, killing potention Democratic candidates that it is time to go public. KEEP OBAMA SAFE.

Let the thugs and dead enders who have stolen our media, presidency and congress know they are on notice.

We the people like the sound of this new young prophet, he sounds true, and truth is something we ache for in this age of lies, corruption and criminality.

Let us make a commitment today to stand in such numbers that those considering harm against Obama will have to reconsider or face certain backlash against their known pattern of assassination and death squads worldwide.

Americans must however hold to account the criminal network who has stolen the presidency and held the world hostage for seven l-ong years. If a few more people can remember why they are here - we might have a chance.

In the meantime, inbetween time, for this day, this hour and this moment, I will allow myself a glimmer of hope, that at least someone is speaking for the crux of any democracy - the people.

Stealth, flying off singing, with Marley..."One Love."


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