Sunday, January 06, 2008

God Fraud - The Christian Coalition of Crime

It was bad enough when Zionist fundamentalist Abramoff, a mafia hit and money laundering were directly related to Ralph Reed, pretty boy floyd of the CC, yet it seems the Christian Coalition is just one big fraud in the name of God, taking blasphemy to a whole new low.

Evangelical figure leaves trail of fraud, critics say
Christian Century, August 21, 2007 by Hannah Elliott

When Christian publisher Jason Christy was tapped two years ago to lead the Christian Coalition, the group's leaders praised him for his ability "to inspire and encourage people of faith to action."
But Christy's business dealings--both before and after his one-month affiliation with the coalition--instead have inspired former customers and co-workers to file lawsuits charging Christy with defrauding their Christian businesses.
Christy, 36, who apparently had no previous public-policy experience, persuaded the Christian Coalition in 2005 to name him executive director of the once-prominent organization. But before the coalition's leaders officially turned over the reins of their national lobbying group, they learned of legal and financial problems besetting Christy.

Ex-associates and customers of Christy's business ventures--mostly Christian magazines--say he cheated them out of money and threatened them. At least 10 of them have filed lawsuits, and others have gotten court-issued restraining or protection orders against the Scottsdale, Arizona, entrepreneur.
Christy says all the allegations are false. He and his supporters say "enemies" spread lies about him because of soured business relationships. But critics say Christy is a seam artist preying on trusting Christians. Christy now publishes the Church Report, supposedly a conservative, national print magazine and Web site. He has appeared as an analyst on CNN and spoken at megachurches like Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral. He hobnobs with some of the evangelical elite and still has relationships with leaders in highly respected positions.

Christy (pictured right) cites his references as follows:

With over 15 years in religious business publishing, Jason T. Christy is the founding publisher and editor in chief of The Church Report. Raised in Scottsdale, Ariz., Jason attended Brophy College Prep and Boston University. With a diverse marketing and media career that ranges from business to business publishing, public relations, media buying as well as creative services, Jason was the founding publisher of such titles as Church Business, Modern Car Care, PetroMart Business, Marina Business Today and Church Executive. In addition to launching these titles, Jason has worked with both the McGraw-Hill Companies and Cygnus Business Media in consulting roles.
Sought after for his knowledge of the Christian market, Jason often consults with other media outlets. His media credits include:

Fox News Channel
NY Times
LA Times
ABC News- Atlanta
ABC News- Phoenix
CBS News- HoustonTrinity Broadcasting Network
American Family Radio
CBS RadioWestwood
One Radio Contra Costa Times
Washington Times

Los Angeles Daily News
The Overland Park Press
The Arizona Capital Times
The Agape Press
The Asbury Park Press
The Dallas Morning News
The Bob Dutko Show (Detroit Radio)
The Thor Tholo Show (Seattle Radio)
The Chicago Tribune
The Chicagp Herald

(These are all the stations and publications that have carried reports from this FRAUD in the name of GOD).

Indeed American "christianity" has become nothing more than marketing a corporate Jesus called fascism. These thugs support dominionism which is the totalitarian RULE of a religious dictator. It is time to hold American religion to account.

It is time to bring back the church lady to deal with the
God frauds, perhaps a 1000 points of light can dispel the dark, evil that pervades this religious fraud.

One hopes the American people can give up religion and find God before it is too late.

Lenny Bruce.