Thursday, January 03, 2008


This blog was prompted by my pepper pot of a partner who loves to stroll through the room while I am watching TV and make droll comments. This one was a gem:

"Why are we charged for TV? Heck half the time we have it muted so we cannot hear the commercials, or we are recording so we can bleep out the corporate intrusion. So if they are paying to pump ads at us night and day ..why are we paying for their delivery was well? We are only getting about 50% of the time in actual programming so why don't we pay for 50% of our bill deducting the corporate propaganda? "
Good point. Let's start a class action suit about double billing - we are being billed as are the advertisers and since they are invading our homes I think we should just let them continue to pick up the tab - but why should we? Heck the corporations should be providing a free TV with every hook up to their advertising drone. Let's wake up and make these soul suckers pay their fair share. ...

Ah, and WHY is the the Bush / Cheney CRIME Syndicate not being HELD TO ACCOUNT?

Why are Bush/Cheney ABOVE THE LAW?

Is that executive privilege? You can lie to start a war, murder millions, torture, rob the American treasury of billions and get off
Some justice system (not).

Of course in Canada we have our own problems.

Like WHY wasn't Mulroney investigated properly by the RCMP. Why ..only SIX years after taking a pay off of $300,000 in cash in a hotel room, did Mulroney decide to declare that income as $225,000 and what did he do or state on his income tax return as the purpose for receiving that money. Moreover why didn't Bush's
Newfoundland dawg, Harper call in inquiry sooner and WHEN is the inquiry going to start?

WHY isn't the Canadian press covering Peter MacKay's links to Thyssen (the Nazi manufacturer in business with Prescott Bush funding Hitler during WWII). I mean they have such an illustrious past...WHY is it that we are quick to report on communism...but not so quick on FASCISM?

Who and why did someone pay off MacKay's campaign debt of 500K???? Mr. Harper does not seem to want to release that information. McKay is our defense minister - we need to know - NOW.


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