Saturday, December 29, 2007

Global Gulag Fundamentalist Terror - Christian, Islamic, Zionist

U.S. "news" coverage (as usual) excuses U.S. and French oil companies of any responsibility behind the unrest in countries around the world, where dictator after dictator has been set up by U.S. corporate giants using the U.S. military to bully the world. First they train and arm a local squad of bullies ...death squads they call them, and they fly them into Fort Benning in Florida where they can use the American torture and assassination techniques used to terrorize and raze Nicaragua, the Honduras, Panama, and Chile (to name a few).

The USA doesn't want democracy...hell the Bushites have been funding the development of FUNDAMENTALIST religion WORLDWIDE, Zionism, Christian zealotry, and Islamic fundamentalism are ALL facsist. At least the Islamic group is discussed in the media, while the cause of much of the world's terror is never mentioned - the CIA, the Mossad, the INTEL agencies of the USA and Israel who stir things up when they most need the public on their side.

Indeed the ONLY shock and awe the world has in regard to the USA, is the fact that CLEARLY there is no law in the USA or World for certain people. Those who have been elevated (by congress) to the heights where they can torture, lie, and destroy the constitution of the USA while claiming to have the market on "protecting the people."

There is no legal system, other than a punitive corporate slave method of incarceration that imprisons more people per capita than anywhere in the world, AND the government sells the labor of those prisoners to the corporations - cheap.

Here are two of the Canadian puppets marching Canada to the World Gulag run by corporations.

Mulroney took 300K from Schreiber then CEO of Thyssen Canada (a German firm who supported Hitler along with Prescott Bush)

Harper didn't think it was important that Mr. Mulroney had taken 2 Million from the Canadian people after claiming in court that he barely knew Mr. Schreiber and certainly had not taken any money from him. Once the Fifth Estate - CBC took the money trail public - Harper called in inquiry, the outline of which we have yet to see.

Isn't it interesting the depth of involvement in the Nazi movement from the Pope to the Bush family, over sixty years of collusion with the enemy, and nary a word in the "free press."

Hell you could be Hitler himself and run for the RNC and the press would not mention his "background."

When you have Zionists, Christian fundamentalists and Islamic fundies in the same room you have one common element - fascism, domination and cruelty - it has nothing to do with God and everything to do with control, domination, greed and hatred.

The Catholic Church has over 4000 pedophile cases outstanding and from those outward ripples the hundreds, no thousands of victims. And the press still treats this institution as if it were not a cult. There needs to be a worldwide investigation into the pedophile rings that unite U.S. mercenary corporations, (like Dyncorp and Halliburton) with the international sex slave trade. Enough of this secrecy and deceit. The Vatican helped Gestapo officers escape over the Vatican RAT LINE in WWII, with the help of the American OSS, who provided American officers uniforms. Blackwater call themselves Knights of Malta - CRUSADERS who report to the Vatican and are not under the laws of the USA, or Iraq ...and they are guarding the State Dept of the USA. (Please run your own searches you will be amazed at the mountain information the press is not covering)

Here is Neil Bush with the right fascist Rev Moon, who also owns the right fascist Washington Times the most sexist racist rag to ever be given extensive air time at CNN.

But then CNN has given the Evangelical fundamentalist movement so much airtime you would think they are on the money laundry trail.

It is sooo hard to get off that gravy train of greed and do the decent thing - that which has some integrity. Anyone watching American news (unless self educated) thinks that American religion consists of Jerry Falwell, Dobson,and the bombastic, hypocritical Bill Bennets of the scripted "debate" circuit.

Try backing up for a bit and looking at the world as an observer. Take a look at who has funded the fundamentalist religions worldwide and who is behind the worldwide attempt to dumb down the populace and control us through rigid religions wired to government by faith based funding,...your tax dollars and mine spreading the doctrine of Falwell worldwide - whether we want it or not. THAT is America's future ...heck it is here now.

Bin Laden's empire was built for him by the CIA and the Bushite empire within that corrupt organization. Of course he has not been captured, he has a General (Musharraf who is the diplomatic face of fascism) for Al Qaeda, who has reeled Bush in a like fat, lazy, domesticated lake trout. In the meantime billions have poured in to Musharraf and thus Osama Bin Laden from the American treasury...likely enough to finance the next attack against America so Bush can invoke the measures he and a criminal congress have already placed to destroy the last vestiages of American democracy.

So while the world might think Pakistan is descending into chaos, I think it is all part of the fundamentally fascist plan to have dictators who control through rigid religions in place around the world. Look at Burma, it is a military regime largely propped up by Unocal (now Chevron) and Total (French oil company), and the people were driven off their land and used as slave labor for American oil companies. Pakistan appears headed in the same direction and Afghanistan (former Unocal Exec. is President) is already there, Unocal landed to build the pipeline by January, 2002.

No me thinks that this is a much larger war than one on the middle class of America, it is war against democracy and the very core and soul of humanity. Are we a humane people on this planet attempting to evolve to be better people, or are we simply greedy, war mongering, torturing, power hungry criminals, devoid of conscience and only able to see and follow narcissistic criminal "leaders."


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