Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Criminal Corporate Media Complicit in Treason

The Enablers Of Facism, The Mainstream News Media
December 30th, 2007

Very few doubt that Bush and Cheney have wrecked havoc on America and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths throughout the world, but in retrospect, their actions and behavior have been condoned and suppressed by America’s fascist Mainstream News Media - and without their support, The Commander in Thief and Darth Cheney would have been impeached, removed from office, and prosecuted for their crimes years ago if we still had real news and true investigative reporting in the United States.

The MSM, now owned and controlled by corporate America, have betrayed the people, and without their betrayal, the criminal actions of a Presidency that is out of control would have been halted long before they were able to bankrupt our country and compromise the very essence of liberty and freedom! Those who control Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the huge amount of radio and television stations throughout our country - which are being bought-out by fascist forces that support corporatism and tyranny, are still gaining in strength - and as usual, Fox News, The Republican Learning Channel, constantly leads the charge to change a democratic republic into a fascist and authoritarian state. Our anti-trust laws have been ignored and changed to allow the enemies of freedom to flourish, while individual rights are now severely curtailed and are disappearing almost as fast as the wealth and integrity that once made America the world’s most respected superpower.

Under the Bush administration, our Constitution has been rendered ineffective, there are no checks and balances, the rule of law only applies to those who the government sees fit - the War on Drugs has been proven to be a joke, the War on Terrorism is certainly aimed more at American citizens who disagree with the government, and Congress is either too cowardly to impeach the criminals who are destroying our country, or have been intimidated, bought-off by lobbyists, and/or threatened into silence by an administration that is beginning to rival Hitler’s Third Reich! The lobbyists on “K Street” represent nothing more than legalized bribery, and the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by “Blue Dog Democrats” that are nothing more than Republicans in disguise.

The most recent event, which to me is the straw that is breaking the camel’s back, is that Faux News has refused to allow Ron Paul to participate in a Presidential debate (LINK) that sounds the death knell for fair elections in America, and now corporatism (fascism), by and through the MSM, are now choosing who will be our candidates for President by marginalizing anyone they see as a threat to their unbridled efforts to corrupt our democratic republic. The war profiteers, also known as the “industrial military complex” are destroying our country, and a complicit MSM is responsible for our decent into fascism and tyranny. Billionaires such as Rupert Murdoch should be viewed as “enemies of the state” and prosecuted for advocating and spewing propaganda instead of real news, and it’s getting worse rather than better. Money talks, and while the Average American loses financial ground by the day, corporatism is gaining in power and further corrupting the MSM to the point that as viable news sources - we the people have only one or two voices that espouse freedom and liberty, while the Neo-cons are still taking over the airwaves and our newspapers in an effort to further the lies that allow a country to become blinded to the truth so our dynasty families and corporations receive benefits and power that is bought and sold like the commodity it has become…

MURDOCH THE WAR MONGER: Just after the Iraq invasion, the New York Times reported, “The war has illuminated anew the exceptional power in the hands of Murdoch, 72, the chairman of News Corp… In the last several months, the editorial policies of almost all his English-language news organizations have hewn very closely to Murdoch’s own stridently hawkish political views, making his voice among the loudest in the Anglophone world in the international debate over the American-led war with Iraq.” The Guardian reported before the war Murdoch gave “his full backing to war, praising George Bush as acting ‘morally’ and ‘correctly’ and describing Tony Blair as ‘full of guts’” for his support of the war. Murdoch said just before the war, “We can’t back down now – I think Bush is acting very morally, very correctly.” [New York Times, 4/9/03; Guardian, 2/12/03] LINK

Indeed Mr. Murdoch is an Australian fascist who is doing his level best to force his sexist, racist opinionated drivel down our throats. The lack of regulation in news ownership has permitted this tyrannical situation to exist. Our news is controlled by a fascist 72 year old thug who was not even born in Canada or the USA, yet he has managed to take control of news distribution - "swift boating" freedom of the press worldwide.


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