Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ignoring Genocide at Christmas

False prophets and fascism = faith based money laundering.

Hey Colin Powell here is a satellite shot from NASA of Kenny Boy Lay hiding out in a trash can in Paraguay. Thought you might want to provide a slide at your next show and tell (smoke and mirrors terror show) at the UN. How real terrorists bilk the world blind and get away with it.

Ah and here we have the above the law, unaccountable, placed pious "president" of the oil industry.
Want to invade a country and steal its natural resources- he is your man ...there isn't anything he will not do.
Torture, steal, murder, and lie...all in a days work.

And what is most incredible - he is unaccountable before American law, International Law or any other law.
His entire family has funded both sides of every conflict and they always walk free.

America's Caligula, Idi Amin responsible for the deaths of millions, the news media continue to ignore this murdering clan.


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