Saturday, January 12, 2008

NH the Tip of a Rotting Pile of Voter Fraud

As Scoop points out the Diebold delivered primary to Hillary Clinton, is just the tip of what they refer to as an iceberg, I would say more like a very old, recently exposed garbage dump, a toxic wasteland, now exposed as the carcinogenic it has always been.

NH "Voting Irregularities" Tip Of A Rotten Iceberg

Saturday, 12 January 2008, 11:50 am
Daniel Patrick Welch

Daniel Patrick Welch joins the hoopla over rumors of voting irregularities in the New Hampshire installment of US presidential primary elections But the real threat he sees is Americans' misplaced belief in their own system...

Don't Count On It: New Hampshire "Voting Irregularities" Just The Tip Of A Rotten Iceberg
By Daniel Patrick Welch
As the dust settles, stirs and settles again in the quadrennial puppet show that is billed as "democracy" in the US, new questions--surprise!--are being raised about the accuracy and validity of vote counts in the New Hampshire primaries.

An electorate shocked to its senses--well, okay, not exactly--by the 2000 debacle is understandably jittery about how and by whom their votes are counted, though in truth most seem to have given it little thought before or since. But the problem is far deeper than which corporate lobbyist-in-training gets the nod to take on her or his counterpart from other industries' lobbyists-in-training. It is even deeper than the notion of democracy itself, as sweeping and grandiose as that sounds. A nation so caught up in its own 'destiny,' its sense of itself so distorted and self-aggrandizing, can hardly look closely at the building blocks of its alleged 'greatness' for fear of confronting the Big Lie of American exceptionalism.

. Many Americans were outraged when international monitors offered to observe the 2004 elections, and when Carter bluntly stated that his organization couldn't participate because voting in the US didn't rise to its minimum standards: centralized counting authority with uniform standards, etc.

(Now why does one suppose Rupert Murdoch supports Hillary Clinton?)

Naturally, the struggle for universal suffrage played an important role in trying to hold American feet to the fire, so to speak. The struggle to hold the society accountable for its racism is ongoing. Every expansion of suffrage in human history has marked a milestone toward the promise of increased freedom and human dignity, and each has come in the face of huge opposition from the elites. But the sad and simple fact is that universal suffrage no longer scares those elites--they have mastered the game. And as Burke said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. The focus of the struggle is ever-shifting: new battles loom, and we Ewoks must constantly invent new tools with which to fight the Empire. And until Americans realize that we are not special, or different than other people in the world, our government will, beyond our control, the focus of evil in the modern world, to quote another Servant of Empire.

Telling the truth is not cynicism, though I'm sure to be accused of it. True cynicism is the forced collective belief that votes have been counted when they haven't, and that results matter when they don't.

* See also Welch's recent piece, No Change for Me--I Want Bills--US Election Circus Awash in Cliches
© 2008 Daniel Patrick Welch.
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Writer, singer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife, Julia Nambalirwa-Lugudde. Together they run The Greenhouse School His website is at, where translations of this and other articles are available for linking or cross-posting in up to 20 languages.


We pray Americans find God and relinguish fascist religion before its too late. These corporate "christian" jihads have destroyed American democracy, and soon the world. There is no real news, there is no real voting. Everything is produced, massaged and sold via the
corrupt mainstream corporate media which is comprised of Bushite CIA plants who regurgitate a puerile plastic propaganda of greed. While the Supreme Court is rigged with Bush right wing hacks who wouldn't make dog catcher in any average town where people have half a brain.

The fact that America is dead is reflected in the NONcoverage of the Diebold voting scam in New Hampshire - the fix is in. The election is done. Diebold decides. Prepare for a steady diet of Brittany Spears and OJ as the fascist foils of freedom lost project the propaganda.


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