Thursday, November 08, 2007

Christo Fascism 101 - Lying About Torture

Islamo-Fascist of the Decade award winner is George W. Bush.
The Saudis couldn’t be prouder of their man. In reality, the Torturer and Liar in Chief he takes the "Freedom Medal" for hypocrite of the century.

Ah and lest we forget the two fascists who got us in Iraq as quickly as they possibly could. Wolfowitz who screwed up so badly he got promoted to head the World Trade Bank, Perle, who said they "needed something on the scale of Pearl Harbor to get the American people behind them in a war... and Gonzo...well he helped convict 148 in Texas without even presenting the convicts side of the
we know he is pure Bush league.

Perle and Wolfowitz. Perle had to resign within the first few years due to conflict of interest in war profiteering so you can imagine how blatent that was given Cheney sits embroiled in a massive conflict of interest with Halliburton and he never recuses himself from anything.

While mafia boss Rudy Guiliani was endorsed by the same guy who endorsed Charles Taylor, war criminal now on trial in the Intl Court, who Robertson gave $10 million to advance genocide on behalf of the
Christo fascist American

Indeed televangelist and terrorist Pat Robertson has called for the death of
Chavez in Venezuala (because he nationalized their oil!)

Like most rumors and lies these cretins start...everytime you hear them throwing around Islamo-fascism - tell them to go look in the mirror.
They funded bin Laden, they shaped bin laden and armed him.

If there is Islamo-fascism it is a mirror to Christo-fascism...the same aggressive Nazi militarism that has the USA in 140 different countries..terrorizing populations all over the world. Faith based funding is funding an aggressive Christian push into Islamic countries behind the troops.

OR, if you do not believe me,
go on a worldwide torture tour of the American "colonies." Watch people dig through garbage in the Phillipines, suffer death squads, rape and the their children stolen and sold to pedophile rings, or adopted in America. See Haiti for the American / Canadian/ French slave colony it is. Heck Negroponte picked up FIVE children in his stint as Torture King in the Honduras.

In fact whenever mr. bush or cheney open their lying, cheating, stealin mouths we should all stand and just keep repeating, "bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." Get out of the peoples' houses
Bush, Cheney and the most criminal congress in history. Just GET OUT and take your lying, manipulative, Operation Mockingbird with you.


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