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Contempt for Canada - Anyone But Harper

Stephen Harper wants to cut taxes AND dramatically increase military funding. How? By drastically cutting your social services, running up the national debt, and privatizing your health care.

Harper's contempt for the unemployed "In terms of the unemployed, of which we have over a million-and-a-half, don't feel particularly bad for many of these people. They don't feel bad about it themselves, as long as they're receiving generous social assistance and unemployment insurance"
This is representative of the views of right-wing extremists like Harper - their view is that if you're not rich nad powerful, it's your own fault.
Harper's brilliant insights on war"I noted that there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein operates programs to produce weapons of mass destruction. Experience confirms this." Link to Hansard

Stephen Harper's description of Israel's response to a kidnapping of two soldiers in July 2006 - a response which included the killing of seven Canadians in a bombing of civilian targets - was that it was "a measured response".
When a Canadian UN observer was killed in July 2006 by repeated Israeli bombing of a UN observation post, Harper questioned why the post "remained manned during what is now, more or less, a war" - an attitude that blames the victims for being killed by a reckless Israeli attack. Harper would apparently rather follow his pro-Israeli agenda than speak out on behalf of Canadians soldiers killed while working for the UN.

"Let me say first that no doubt exists that Saddam Hussein operates programs to produce weapons of mass destruction."Link to Hansard

"These are also violations of the Geneva convention. When will the government reverse its decision to abandon our allies and fight Saddam?"Link to Hansard

Mr. Harper appears eager for Canada to join illegal US wars on the grounds that the Geneva Convention is being violated; he seems less concerned now it has become clear that the US itself has repeatedly violated that same Geneva convention in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Cuba.
Harper's vision of Canada"Alberta and much of the rest of Canada have embarked on divergent and potentially hostile paths to defining their country...let us build a society on Alberta values. "- December 8, 2000 National Post
I wonder which Alberta values he's thinking of - dismantling universal health care? Electing as premier a drunken oaf that attacks homeless people?

From Peacekeeping to Vendettas
"this government will not allow Canadians to be killed without retribution." -Tory Defence Minister Gordon O’Connor, explaining that retribution is is why Canada is in Afghanistan.So much for the ideals of law, order, and international justice that Canada has built its reputation on...Harper contempt for Atlantic Canadians"There's unfortunately a view of too many people in Atlantic Canada that it's only through government favours that there's going to be economic progress, or that's what you look to...The kind of can't-do attitude is a problem in this country but it's obviously more serious in regions that have had have-not status for a long time."
Harper vs Canada: his desire to sway elections with money As President of the right-wing lobby group "the National Citizens Coalition," Harper went to court to overturn limits on election spending and allow his lobby group to use its wealthy members' money to sway elections with third-party advertising. However, the Supreme Court overturned an Alberta Court of Appeal decision in the case of Harper v. Canada, and now Harper's right-wing cronies (and everyone else) are obligated to be accountable to the public in their spending.

The "National Citizens Coalition" - a lobby group for the rich and right-wing that masquerades as a movement of average citizens - was founded as an attempt to oppose public health care. It has gone on to support such noble causes as attacking the Canada Health Act, and keeping Vietnamese refugees out of Canada. Is Stephen Harper, the former president of the "National Citizens Coalition", really someone you'd want as our Prime Minister? In 1997 Harper gave a speech to the "National Policy Council", an American right-wing lobby group [see news story here or here ].
"your country, and particularly your conservative movement, is a light and an inspiration to people in this country and across the world" says Harper of right-wing Americans. See here for the text of his speech.

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The entire text of this post came from this excellent site:

where they have used Harper's own words to spell out his Neo Con path.

(The God of OIL demands it...Keep the people stupid with religion and infighting over long standing hatreds while you steal their oil...just like did in the USA)


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