Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Myth of American "Goodness"

From the Prout Assembly for a worldview of morality:

Torture and the Illusions of Empire

U.S. leaders are simply the ideological mouthpieces chosen by the Empire to convey to the American p

people the myth of "the goodness of the American people," the myth of being "the bastion of democracy" and the "defender of human rights." None of these slogans has the slightest basis in reality. The reality is domination and economic exploitation. The reality is the torture and murder necessary to keep these in place. The ideological aspect of this reality are the lies we insist on telling ourselves so that we may continue to believe in our own innocence. The population of the United States will go to almost any length to protect its illusions. We have a deep need to convince ourselves that we are not complicit in the systematic torture and murder of dominated peoples everywhere on Earth. - Dr.Glen T. Martin

Indeed, under Reagan and Bush the same thugs invaded South America and instituted a policy of torture, death squads and violence, to the extent that the World Court demanded the USA rebuild Nicaragua. The US response - they withdrew from International Court, midst swaggering around declaring Saddam the new world threat - based on genocide committed with US weaponry.

This was the pardon Bush Sr did of the thugs on his watch. It never ends.

Good luck.
There is no elected congress..just paid off oil hacks supporting the genocide by UNOCAL and TOTAL in Burma, Pakistan and Afghanistan, aided and abetted by NATO, the UN and the USA., and kept quiet by our stellar, voices of fascism - our "free press."
This black VOID is justice in America, free speech in America and the respresentation we currently enjoy by elected officials who are bypassed entirely by a criminal, shadow govt, allowed to grow under the Republican GUARD of the USA and the complete and utter lack of courage by the Democrats, another failed party. ALL OWNED BY BIG OIL.


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