Monday, October 01, 2007

Bush Will Slither Away From War Crimes

Bush will 'slither away' from tragic war in Iraq -- themorningc...

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Monday Sep 17

David wrote:
Please state ONE lie made by President Bush..An example, for instance... "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinski"... Having an affair has not killed millions of young American men and women. And making fun of Bush for being dumb is letting him off the hook. Remember when he jumped on the bandwagon like the recent CEO scandals and staged a big photo-op and said "We will hold corporate America to high ethical standards" when the reason corporate America is behaving unethically is because of politicians like Bush. Corporations give him millions in campaign contributions so he can print up a sign saying he's demanding the highest ethical standards, and fools the people into thinking that when in fact, he's doing the opposite. He's deceitful.
(AND like Hitler, the court who helped appoint him and keeps covering for him.)

While Americans might not know your sordid past (and present) mr. bush, the world does.

You are not welcome, and please take your paid off capo, Stephen Harper with you. We like ELECTED leaders in Canada, not the plants from the USA with 30% of Canadian vote.

Bush's place is in the docket at the Hague - for war crimes - for war crimes and treason by a corrupt, criminal pro-Nazi family who have inflicted 60 years of fascism on America, attacking the constitution with a vengeance.

While the genocide in Iraq for their oil goes on, and on and on. Paid for by Americans.

Oh Harvard protests Nazis eh? Then why didn't they expel Bush and why doesn't US media report the FACTS that the president is a Nazi, his family has supported Nazis Germany for sixty years. Unreported, unchecked and unbalanced - aided and abetted by the crooked fifth estate in USA and Britain.

The WORLD protests American NAZI genocide in rendition camps worldwide. SHAME.


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