Friday, October 05, 2007

Bush GOP - Axis of White Male Entitlement Evil

This is the Blackwater headquarters near San Diego, from the air. I do not know how much more blatent these Nazis need to get before we believe them. Erik Prince, leader of this Bush SS, is a right wing Christian fundamentalist who wants to rub everyone else who is not off the face of the earth. They operate in New Orleans where they were the first to arrive to kill any black people who looked twice at a grocery cart.

Eveyone in the world seems to know that the Americans have a group of Nazis in office. They funded Adolf Hitler and the Bush family even built their Kennebunkport compound on the profits of war including the profits of Auschwitz concentration camp.
But don't believe your own search hundreds of thousands of links come up many pointing to the US National Archives. There is a game of entitlement going on in the USA all right and it ain't the poor people running it.
and from this delightful blog:
.....and so it is with Cheney, who relentlessly utters the mantra of "victory" and "honor" lying ahead of us in Iraq, because a white man can't "lose" to men and women of color -- and non-Christians to boot. This is the definition of "victory" in the end for Bush and Cheney: white men -- whatever their personal deficiencies -- can't lose. It is just not allowed.
If you were the master of a plantation, you could go whoring, drinking and gambling, but you could not be dethroned or fall from your position of ownership, because you had white male entitlement. You remained "the decider" no matter what. That is what the antebellum social and economic structure was built upon.
The unshakable core of Bush and Cheney's base may baffle persons who see the current Executive Branch leadership as impairing the national security of the United States and possibly precipitating WW III, not to mention bankrupting our country and destroying our environment.
But when you owned a plantation in the days of slavery, you weren't accountable to anyone but yourself -- and if a black slave got uppity, you just lashed or hung him.
A white man never lost. That is the heritage mindset of Cheney and Bush. This is how we traveled from the promise of the Civil Rights era to the bloodbath of Baghdad.
A white man of the Confederacy can't back down, whatever his errors. They call it "honor." We call it a betrayal of our Constitution, accountability, common sense, and the safety of every American.
Most of us thought the Civil War ended in 1865.
But it hasn't really at all.
Dick Cheney and George W. Bush are fighting that battle all over again, trying to avenge the defeat of the South and impose white male entitlement as the law of the land.
Beyond it being morally repugnant, it is a doomed mindset and strategy that can only end in disaster. It already has.
bad food but plenty of it: Bush and Cheney: White Male Entitlement.

Bush and Cheney: White Male - 72k -

While Kenny Boy Lay, the root of all ENRON EVIL and Bush's primary funder for the placed presidency, is likely not dead at all but off in the Paraguay compound of 80,000 hectacres purchased likely with the NINE BILLION missing from Iraq funds.

THAT is some ENTITLEMENT PROGAM these white, male fascists run isn't it. Above American, Iraqi and International Law, and no congress to keep them in check. Now THAT is entitlement, cruel, evil and criminal. The USA is run by BIG OIL - who take oil from every poor country in the world and keep that country impoverished and enslaved. From Africa, to Burma to Afghanistan, an American oil company is involved in genocide, slavery and the sex slave trade.
No question about it. Do your own search. When Cynthnia McKinney (Black AND Female) challenged the great white Nazis in office...the press disparaged the true front line of a group of paid off bullies. In so doing they sold out the country, the constitution and the future of the democratic state.