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Harper Puts Canada in Bush League

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Editorial: Will Canada Join The Bush League?

Founded in early 1998, Bush Watch served as an early warning system, then as a critic of the Bush administration, commenting upon the toxic character and wrongheaded policies of George W. Bush, the son of former President George H.W. Bush. I have been its editor throughout this period.
While I'm a U.S. citizen, I'm concerned that Prime Minister Harper is not only taking plays from the Bush playbook, but he's also being coached by many of the same people who have put the United States on a fast track to being a hawkish nation of greedy corporate plunderers, irrational theocrats, and thoughtless citizens who care little about the common good or the traditions of freedom and citizens' rights, presently under assult by the Bush administration. Under Bush, the United States has become an embarrassment to a majority of its citizens and to concerned people and nations throughout the world.
Canadian friends tell me that Mr. Harper is not nearly as bad as Bush, and if he were, the citizens of Canada would not stand for it. I would suggest that the majority of U.S. citizens felt the same way about Bush in 1998. But history has played a bitter trick on us. News and opinion from Canada and elsewhere (see below) suggests the beginnings of a Bush-like movement in Canada, and that does not give me comfort.--Jerry "Politex" Barrett, Editor, Harper Watch, June 2006

In a move even more typical of Mr. Bush, Mr. Harper seems to love big oil and big corporations. He has given $600 million to Alberta to make the province green. Alberta has more money than god! Like Alaska, the residents get a profit-sharing check due to the oil-sands project. Like Alaska, folks from Alberta vote conservative. Alberta is sitting on a mountain of cash while the other provinces are paying off its bankruptcy of several decades ago. And it is not sinking its own money into its infrastructure – schools, hospitals and public services all lag behind the other provinces …even Saskatchewan who is considerably poorer. In Feb 2007, Macleans reported that “Federal tax auditors are reluctant about ordering Canada's largest corporations to turn over key financial records because they don't want to damage relations … [a]dding to the massive backlog in a program that roots out $1.4 billion in unpaid corporate taxes each year.” See: Macleans.CA, Federal taxman's angst lets giant corporations off the hook: audit, Feb 25, 2007, Dean Beeby.
Mr. Harper
has promised $350 million to Quebec to fund its green initiatives even though Quebec’s own public officials are concerned by its citizens’ lack of productivity.

Like Mr. Bush, Mr. Harper hasn’t got a clue how he’s going to get out of Afghanistan. When Liberal Leader Dion proposed being out next year, Mr. Harper verbally painted a picture of Mr. Dion torturing women and children courtesy of the Taliban. Like Mr. Bush, Mr. Harper apparently thinks that Canadians should stay in the Middle East forever; it’s damned sure that no other country involved there has ever gotten out without giving up. Hundreds of years have proven that their cultures cannot be westernized by westerners and that is simple fact.
Maybe the ugliest of Mr. Harper’s lies relates to child-care. Mr. Harper has stated that the Liberals did nothing to create spaces for child-care during their tenure in government leadership. In fact, the Liberals initiated a 5-year plan at a cost of $5 billion to create thousands upon thousands of spaces for children in child-care. This same plan was slashed immediately upon Mr. Harper’s ascension to power.
Now, Mr. Harper is giving money to any issue that seems to be a focal point for Canadians. He killed the Wheat Board then, realizing what a mistake that was, he reinstituted another similar project and funded them with $100 million.

Here we have (the late) Jerry Falwell of the Council of National Policy hugging the fascist 1aqwho also owns the pro Bush "Times" a constant on every CNN "debate".

Rev Moon, like Falwell and Bush are/were after world domination through a totalitarian fascist corporate state. The religion seems to be one that celebrates prevarication, war crimes, sexism, and homophobia.

It is time to get the hell out of Afghanistan where all we are doing is fighting for Unocal and securing a drug empire and pipeline - for AMERICAN corporations. It is not enough that we were
colonized by the British for whom we've been cannon fodder - but now we are offering up our young for American oil and CIA drug running?


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