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A Vote for Harper is a Vote For Bush

10 Reasons Not to Vote for Stephen Harper and His Conservative Party

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Reasons Not to Vote for Stephen Harper and His Conservative Party

1. Stephen Harper does not respect the Supreme Court of Canada, and undermines the Canadian Charter of Freedom and Rights in a biased manner. Harper will change the Supreme Court system to his liking if elected.

Canadians for Equal Marriage -

Is Harper saying gays and lesbains have no human rights under the Charter?

Toronto Star - Harper unveils plan to change judiciary Politics Canada Webpage - Harper agenda includes changes to Supreme Court

2. Warnings from handful Conservative Party members about Harper's unknown agenda due the merge of the left wings gave no time for internal policy debate and Harper's ambivalent, intolerance and discriminating attitudes on hot-button social policies (such as same-sex marriage).

CTV News - Ex-Tory MP warns of party's 'unknown agenda
'Globe and Mail - Ex-Alliance official warns on social agenda

3. $11 billion Deficit will occur with the Centre for Policy Alternatives - Can they pay for what they say?

4. 22 Canadian mayors are warning voters that a Conservative victory in the upcoming election would mean big trouble for the country's municipalities. The group of mayors described the Conservatives as "the barbarians are at the gate".

CTV News - Mayors warn against Conservative victory
CTV News - Metis leaders slam Harper, endorse Martin5. Regressive approach towards minorities (women's rights, and First nations rights)CBC News - Women's rights at stake if Harper wins: Morgentaler
CTV News - Metis leaders slam Harper, endorse Martin

6. Homophobic and hostile attitudes towards gay and lesbian Canadians. (Larry Spenser, Cheryl Gallant, Frank Luellau, Conservative MPs)

Canwest News Service - Tories will tweak hate-crime law

Globe and Mail - How far would he go to stop gay marriage?

7. Harper's Conservative Party of Canada is not the same as the Conservative Party of Sir. John A. MacDonald at all. Harper's Conservative Party is really just the old Canadian Alliance becomes larger. Harper has a secret plan to fight the social order from the left.
CanWest News Service - Harper essay warned of sliding social order, need to fight left

8. Non-supportive of Canada heritage of bilingualism.(Scott Reid, Conservative MP)CBC News - Conservative language critic resigns

9. Return of the Death Penalty to Canada (Tom Jackson, Conservative MP)

10. The treasonous merger of Mexico, the USA and Canada under a corporate coup run by the Bush crime family, the SPP, formerly the North American Union.
Our illustrious "Prime Minister" Harper refered to Canada as a European welfare state and proud of this group of right wing Christian fanatics running the world in secret. It is called treason.

Harper, like Mulroney, has bought Quebec and sold Canada.

He reports in lockstep to the Council on National Policy, a right wing, Christian fundamentalist group who have destroyed the United States of America (in secret, completely protected by the owned corporate media).

While BIG OIL loves having homeboy Harper in place...geez a bigot, a liar and a fascist - he WILL get along with Bush won't he.

I see big oil are not paying their royalties in Alberta...tch..careful guys. The American oil colony of Burma is not doing well in the democracy arena, nor is the other oil colony of Afghanistan, unless you are a Bush CIA drug runner, or Unocal (gee they are in Burma too aren't they?)

Erik Prince, right wing fundamentalist of the Blackwater SS bringing Christianity (Apocalypse Now) to the Middle East ...just like Jesus would have I am sure. (A man I was taught, who took a vow of poverty and was called "the Prince of Peace." Jesus would be horrified at this tragedy, this evil commited in his name.

While in Canada we have our own little gang of thugs and dead enders would cannot wait to sell us out to the oil industry mercenaries - for the almighty buck.


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