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The Truth of US Torture - a Legacy of Unaccountable Shame

Chile suffered for thirty years under the brutal rule of American placed dictator Pinochet. Like Marcus in the Phillipines and the Shaw of Iran these American cutouts were mere gang capos reporting to American corporate government.

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Descriptions of Techniques Allegedly Authorized by the CIA (Human ...
The National Commission on Political Imprisonment and Torture, in Chile, ... many of the techniques that have allegedly been used by the CIA in Iraq, - 23k - Cached - Similar pages
U.S. Dept. of State FOIA Electronic Reading Room - Hinchey Report ...
In January 1974 CIA issued a directive to all CIA staff to collect clandestine information on torture in Chile; this message directed CIA staff to work - 84k - Cached - Similar pages
Richard Thieme: Flesh
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CIA documents confirm: Chile's secret police chief worked for ...
It adds, however, that CIA officers in Chile recommended “a paid relationship” despite ... “disappearances” and torture centers in Chile on the other. - 19k - Cached - Similar pages
U.S. Regime Change, Torture, and Murder in Chile
U.S. Regime Change, Torture, and Murder in Chile by Jacob G. Hornberger, ... (Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the CIA refuses to open all its files on - 26k - Cached - Similar pages
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Hinchey Report

SUBJECT: CIA Activities in Chile

September 18, 2000

Summary of Sources/Methodology
Summary of Response to Questions

Overview of Covert Actions.Support for Coup in 1970

Awareness of Coup Plotting in 1973

Knowledge of Human Rights Violations Liaison with Chilean Security Services

Propaganda in Support of Pinochet Regime

Knowledge of "Operation Condor."Internal QualmsHistorical Context
The "Assassination" of President Salvador Allende
The Schneider AssassinationEarly Allende Presidency US Business Involvement
Accession of General Augusto Pinochet to the Presidency
How the Iraqi children draw the American presence in Iraq.

Iraq did NOT attack the USA - yet their people are tortured, dragged from their beds and abused. Over 2 million refugees have fled to Syria alone, and there are now 700,000 estimated dead civilians.

"Now We Claim to Care"

Different Standards for Different Nations
I share the same revulsion that many others have toward Saddam Hussein. We all know that he is brutal and that his regime has terrorized the Iraqi people and the peoples of nearby countries.
But there was a time not so long ago when, despite all of this, we chose to allow him to be our friend. There was a time when we supplied him with chemical weapons and other military technologies.
If our nation really cared about Iraq's neighbors, we would never have supplied him the military arsenal that we did. And if we really cared about his people we would have done something to alleviate the suffering of the Kurds who, for years, have been brutalized by the Iraqi military. If we cared about the Iraqi people we would have done something to lift the burdens imposed on them by the UN sanctions which, to date, have claimed in excess of an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children.
But the truth is we didn't really care about any of that suffering.
Madeleine Albright even said that the price of 500,000 dead Iraqi children was worth it.
Now, however, we claim to care.


CIA documents confirm: Chile's secret police chief worked for Washington

By Bill Vann27 September 2000
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Confirming what opponents of Chile's two-decade-long military dictatorship had long charged, the Central Intelligence Agency has issued a report to the US Congress acknowledging that the head of the DINA, Chile's hated secret police, was a paid agent and informer of the CIA.
Gen. Manuel Contreras
is currently jailed on a Chilean military base for his role in planning the September 1976 car-bomb assassination of former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier and his US aide, Ronni Moffitt, on Washington's Embassy Row. At the time, the report establishes, he was a trusted “asset” of the US spy agency.


U.S. Regime Change, Torture, and Murder in Chile

by Jacob G. Hornberger, November 24, 2004

President Bush’s recent trip to South America provides a valuable foreign-policy lesson for Americans.
The president was greeted in Santiago, Chile, by some 30,000 angry demonstrators. But it was not only Bush’s invasion and war of aggression against Iraq that Chileans were angry about. Unlike so many Americans, the Chilean people have not fallen for the “We invaded Iraq to spread democracy” line that U.S. officials moved up to rationale number one after failing to find those infamous weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The reason? Chileans have not forgotten — and are still angry about — the U.S. government’s role in bringing about “regime change” in Chile in 1973 (on Sept 11!). (Just as the Iranian people have not forgotten the U.S. government’s “regime change” in Iran in 1953.)
Chileans still remember that in the 1973 “regime change” in their country, the U.S. government played an active role in ousting their democratically elected president because he was a socialist and replacing him with a brutal military dictator, Augusto Pinochet, who ended up ruling Chile for almost two decades, until 1990. Yes, you read that correctly — the U.S. government, the paragon of democracy around the world, helped to oust a man who had been democratically elected by the people of Chile and helped replace him with an unelected, military brute.

Where the USA has interfered and now has bases in over 120 countries, the people have felt the hypocritical tyranny of American "democracy." You too get to vote for the one of a pack of corporate owned hacks who will then get into office and do the bidding of Halliburton, or Dyncorp or indicts from the Bush palaces built on the blood of slave labor, drugs and brainwashed kids fed a syrupy nationalism from birth and taught to reflect whomever is the President. Well there is one thing consistent in all of this...from WWI to today there has always been a Bush family member supporting war, trading with both sides (Merchants of Death) and funding both sides - why not torture - the body politic had over 200 years of practice with slavery that still goes on to this day. It isn't as if Cynthia McKinney did not call Donald Rumsfeld to task over human slave trading through Halliburton and Dyncorp - the press attacked her instead of reporting the truth.

Like the Bush family legacy of profiting on Auschwitz and trading with the enemy... so carefully covered up by US media, this travesty of justice will continue as long as the US press core remains silent. The public own the airwaves - lets stand up and take them back rendering them only to truth in reporting, ethics in business and honesty in communication. The corporations misusing our airwaves are commiting treason and terrorizing the world.

It is time to call them to account.