Sunday, September 02, 2007

US Taxpayers Support Sex Slave Trade

I stumbled across an excellent blog I wanted to share with you: "AtLargely"

$5 Billion? For Katrinia Victims?
Nope... new Halliburton contract

Good lord, the military of the United States has given away awarded $5 billion in contracts to three companies:

"Three defense companies on Wednesday were each awarded $5 billion contracts from the Army to provide food and shelter to U.S. troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.

Falls Church, Va.-based DynCorp International Inc., Houston-based KBR Inc., and Irving, Texas-based Fluor Corp. , were selected by the Pentagon to provide a range of logistics and support services for one year to U.S. and allied forces during combat and peacekeeping operations."

(To the left the crowd who sold weaponry to both Iraq and Iran in the first place, and backed death squads in South America.)

So Halliburton (KBR subsidiary) and DynCorp International, which has engaged in the sex slave trade, have been given more money to provide that which they have yet to provide on their last multi-billion dollar round of contracts.
"KBR has been the prime contractor on the deal since December 2001. The company was formerly a division of Halliburton Co. , which was once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney.
Some members of Congress have repeatedly alleged that the Houston-based company has abused the terms of its service contract and defrauded the government. The allegations against KBR include billing the government for millions of undelivered meals, overstating labor costs and using government funds to buy unneeded vehicles. KBR has said it routinely provides information requested by the federal government."

In WWI Samuel Bush was part of a group of American merchants who sold arms to both sides. They were called "The Merchants of Death." Not to be outdone, Prescott Bush traded so extensively with Hitler he was called "Hitler's Angel", he was so istrumental in orchestrating matches with American industry for the Third Reich. The U. S. National Archives also record the fact that the Bush (palace) at Kennebunkport was built largely on the profit of slave labor at Auschwitz.
It is pure myth that the USA has even experimented with liberalism. The country has gone through varying degrees of fascism depending on whether or not the merchants of death have stolen office.

The big lie is that this is about democracy - when in truth it is pure unadulterated greed in it's most psychopathic state. A group of narcissistic psychopaths who have walked throughout the world destroying countries and stealing others natural resources, with utter disregard for our planet want us to believe their "war on terror."

This is the evil of the world, for sixty years we have been fed the lies of corporate America, while they have strutted around the world placing murdering, torturing dictators who cater to firms such as this.

If we each stand, we can form quite a crowd and trust me folks - these cretins are the cowards of the universe. The school bully that got to the White House and the top of Halliburton. Let's arrest the bullies and
take back the world, let's roll!


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