Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scapegoater in Chief Distracts at UN Again

What a sad, sad day in the history of humanity.

A hypocritical, psychopathic, narcissistic placed president of the USA stood in the UN to condemn various countries for torture and human rights violations. .

King George forgot to mention the occupation of Iraq , Abu Gharib, the CIA rendition prisons all in full operation around the world...or the School of Americas where death squads are trained (they just renamed the school) and sent back to their respective countries to act out the
psychopathic rage of American business should the people of said country wish to retain ..oh their natural resources, their children (from intl pedophile rings run by the likes of Dyncorp. )
This world of corruption, slavery and sexual abuse has been spread by the USA throughout South America where they are hated from Iran Contra and assassinating an elected leader in Chile.
Heck the WORLD COURT demanded the USA reimburse Nicaraugua for the dessimation of that country ... what happened? Bush pulled the USA out of World Court, and the Geneva Convention.

America tortures NOW, and they have tortured and sold to the enemy throughout every war in their history. The Bush family has been at the core of every American war, funding both sides, helping the other side arm before the war starts. Heck Bush just sold 23 Billion in arms to Saudi Arabia. (16 of 19 terrorists in 911 from SA.)

While people continue to be tortured and over a million lie dead in Iraq, with thousands incarcerated in abusive American facilities.

Have you noticed that EVERYTHING Bush says about other tyrants he is already DOING and has for some time. Talk about the Scapegoater in Chief.
This monster couldn't take responsibility for anything - look in the mirror mr. bush.

Don't ya just love the honesty, integrity, kindness and intellect that rolls from the mouths of these devoid of conscience thugs?

Indeed...and this is what it is and has always been about. American business funded Hitler, and they trained bin Laden. After 911 Bush escorted over 140 Saudis from the country on EXECUTIVE jet under presidential orders. The CIA or FBI were NOT allowed to interrogate them. Members of the bin Laden family were included.

American business is and always has been like a double agent. They sell to both sides, arm both sides and then sell out the populace of America. Expecting Americans to send their kids to die for their greed.

When mr bush can stand at the UN and say something that is not an accusation against someone else to distract from what he or his thugs are doing..we might listen. Until then - tell the Scapegoater in Chief to go to his 80,000 hectacres in Paraguary with the other fascists. Perhaps they can stomach his religion of prevarication.


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