Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Declaring War on War Profiteering Hypocrisy

Generation after generation of Bushs have sent millions to their deaths for the greed of American industry.

Since the GOP is so fond of declaring war on everything they hate (like the poor), let us today declare war against them, and their lying, cheating, stealing, money laundering, treasonous governance of the country.
Iraqi children mirror what they have learned about American democracy.
If only the USA would look in the mirror once in awhile instead of projecting its own darkness on the world then killing others for it.

Do you know the USA has the gall to do a human rights review of the world which excludes the USA?
And Bill Kristol...get your sorry, sleazy ass to Iraq on the front line, or expect to be pied forever!

And, John McCain, good grief what happened? You look like want to throw up whenever you are near Bush, yet you are goose stepping to the corporate gulag faster than
you can say IMPEACH the bastards.


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