Sunday, May 06, 2007

Facing Fascism

We can do it. We were made for these times, honed by the fire and lies of Viet Nam - we no longer accept lies as truths, because our history tells us that corporate America will arm both sides of every conflict and expect Americans to send their children to die for the greed of those who own the oil companies, and the "security" firms ..many involved in torture. .

While Israelis are marching in the street by the tens of thousands demanding the resignation of Olmert, Bush vetoes a bill that would provide for the withdrawal of American troops from an illegal, immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.
Instead, he threatens to invade yet another country.

It is time to indict this criminal and place him in Gitmo until he can stand trial for treason.

Unless of course you wish to use the Patriot Act and place him in detention without due process (as he surely would you).

Under a criminal presidency and congress, the USA is held hostage to directed contracts to Halliburton who in turn operate torture facilities, take part in black ops, and bilk the American taxpayer blind with little accountability, or governance of conflict of interest.

Lockheed Martin for example, is contracted to develop a system that can look through the walls and roof of your home and spy on you.

In Canada, our charming government has contracted the build for the Canadian census system to Lockheed Martin, apparently there wasn't a Canadian firm that was competitive, or able to do the work.

Let see our census is contracted to Lockheed Martin and our Canada Pension Plan is vested in American military industrial firms...I wonder how many Canadians know?


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Rage against the machine. Thanks for YOUR voice :)

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