Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cynical Mr. Cheney?

The other day cheney said it was "cynical" to confront the President on troop funding and calling him to account for billions in missing funds.

Cynical mr. cheney? Cynical?

Heck ...a bite...arrest Bush, Cheney and the congress of treason who sold out the country.

No they most certainly are NOT getting the truth.

From WWI and the Merchants of Death to WWII and Hitler's Angel, Prescott Bush, - a Bush tyrant for every generation in the past sixty years.

and involvement in the sex slave trade and Intl pedophile ring.

Cynical mr. cheney...naw. We know who you are and the kind of power you have stolen from the country for your own personal greed. Everything you accuse others of doing you are doing yourself. Now that is when the cynical is exceeded only by hypocrisy.

An administration and news media of paid off thugs and dead enders, hopping to the corporate bidding of Halliburton, Enron, Bectel and the highest bidder of K street .

Cheney, like Bush is the USA (United Shame of America).


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