Friday, May 04, 2007

Bush's Republican Guard - the Pedophile Patriarchy

Falwell and Robertson who have managed to turn Christianity in the USA into a program of hatred.
When Robertson isn't calling for the assassination (murder) of a foreign socialist leader, he and his pal Robertson are funneling money to Christian fundamentalist dictators like Charles Taylor, now on trial for WAR CRIMES.

Hardly a mention in the GOP owned press.

The only saving grace with Falwell is that if he keeps eating like Bennett, they will both blow up like the IUD's they help fund around the world.

It is nothing to hear Falwell screaming terrorist threats on American TV for the blood of Saddam, or some other action against another human being.

These are fascists. Hate-filled and the furthest thing from Jesus that one could EVER find, they would be on the end of the broom being fired OUT of the temple if Jesus were ever to return - of THAT I am certain.

Wasn't it Jesus who said, "my house should be a place of worship." Not politics, not calling for the death of someone or funding terrrorists with TAX PAYERS money through faith based funding.

They ARE the money laundry for what has become Bush's Republican Guard.

and along with Jerry Falwell, mainstream media foil to catapault the propaganda of perpetual war and world demise.

Foremost leaders of the Christian right were involved in the Franklingate PEDOPHILE scandal during the Reagan/Bush admin and today we have the pedophile ring (Gannongate) all hushed up once again. God indeed moves in mysterious ways where this slime is concerned. Gawd's little money laundry.
(I have exhaustively posted the links to the RNC and
the Christian right in prior posts...a simple search will reveal all for those of curiosity - try "christian right, money laundry, Charles Taylor, Robertson."

While over 3000 pedophile cases remain outstanding against the Catholic Church a man who was in Hitler's youth movement and protected pedophiles throughout the church rises to POPE.

WHY are we tip toeing around these criminals as if they have some authority from God. Good grief they are common criminals.


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