Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Bushies Turn Crossroad to Dead End

While corporate censored news continues support of an openly criminal administration operating above American law, International law and the Geneva Convention, this placed, criminal presidency continues to commit troops to a war that it cannot win and does not intend to win. (Read THE PENTAGON PAPERS from the Viet Nam war, that were leaked by Daniel Ellsberg, a former Marine commander, that clearly stated the war in Viet Nam could NOT be won, yet the corporate owned presidency continued to commit troops and even bombed Cambodia, without approval from congress.)

While humanity looks the other way this psychpathic narcissist continues to lead us all over a cliff.

Where are the checks and balances in the system?

Where is the democratic state?

Who voted for the congress that allows this to happen?

Do you know?

Different face same blather...

While Tony Snow (how aptly named) continues his snow job of the American public, now managing to even use his cancer to avoid answering questions about Bush...
answering the question of "how low would he go."

Tony there are about 600,000 DEAD Iraqis, over 10,000 in American illegal, immoral prisons, and lord knows how many sold into pedophile rings.

You sir, are a disgusting mouthpiece for a criminal regime that will say
anything. Like Colin Powell, you are a YES man. A good soldier, like the kind in Nazi Germany. Seig Heil, questions, mein fuhrer. Wanta bomb a country that had nothing to do with the attack on America...NO PROBLEM. Lets dehumanize Saddam everyday on national TV then try a hit on a restaurant...oops killed 14 people...oh well. Next time, but about that Saddam...he really is a horrible person. No matter that the weapons were sold to Saddam by the USA, no matter at mention at all.

The American press pass gang is at it again ..trying to blow right through the crossroads to the Bush dead end, rushing like lathered up lemmings to be first off the cliff to the old testament.

If you are alive and have a pulse pu-lease write, call, fax or email your congressional rep. and DEMAND they vote to bring the troops home from an illegal, immoral, invasion and occupation of Iraq. The USA INVADED Iraq and promoted a civil war (as they did in Guatamala and everywhere else the US terrorizes to steal natural resources.

Venezuala nationalized their oil this past week to keep their country from falling into the hands of these crooks, and a free news media would be presenting some suggestions we do the same. The alternative is sixty more years of Bush occupation, with no habeas corpus, torture and an owned Supreme Court.

Let's take back our PUBLIC owned airwaves before we hit the wall to this dead end.


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