Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Bushie Press Pass

Today CNN started to air Nancy Pelosi's passionate speech from the floor of the house, and as The Speaker (the PEOPLE's respresentative)started to itemize the reasons the American people had elected them and to review the bill the President has just vetoed, CNN quickly broke in to her speech to say,

"well we have heard from the Speaker of the House, let's see what the man on the street has to say." Whereupon the scene quickly switched to a pretaped street interview with some clod who of course agreed with the president. This is an orchestrated corporate censorship that carefully brings us ONE side of every issue, while those of us (the majority) who actually want to HEAR the speaker are left hanging with this drivel.

While we receive the horrid, horrid news that this criminal presidency and congress has blocked a bill that puts a timeline to end an illegal, immoral invasion and occupation being conducted outside American law, International Law or the Geneva Convention...the press sits silent.

The RNC has placed the American people in a position of being hostage to a criminal presidency, and the corporate criminal news media are complicit. Heck they are all making a small fortune "supporting the troops in genocide."

The troops should be given counselling for PTSD and brought home to recover from a criminal assignment by a corrupt government and criminally complicit news media.

(Gawd they still have crook Tom Delay commenting as a viable source. The slime responsible for gerrymandering Texas along with the crooked Supreme Court to assist in making it a fait accompli)

Of course it is a horrible lie, but people make a great deal of money on war, sexual slavery and the international pedophile rings run by American firms Halliburton and Dyncorp, the bada bing of the corporate ring running the US Govt

And faith based funding Honey is just this crowd's money laundry. Heck Robertson funneled ten million to Charles Taylor, now on trial for WAR CRIMES...

I wonder if this sorry lot will EVER be brought to justice - now THAT would be news!


This image is for all who turn their heads, cash their stocks and celebrate another American genocide for oil.

At least nationalize the oil if you are going to die for it and send your sons and daughters to die for it...otherwise you are dying for DICK.

Over sixty years of Bush TERROR.

From WWI, Sam Bush and the Merchants of Death, to Prescott Bush, Hitler's Angel - to George H.W. Bush who we can thank for the treasonous CIA within the CIA that has taken over America, and allowed them to place this imbecile currently in office.

Indeed, Bush owned press have passed on many levels, namely doing their job, they are now criminally complicit in treason.

They have created a government of the criminal, by the criminal for the criminal who became rich from scamming the public, and continue to be rich by having their past behavior kept secret. The Bush press pass works on many levels, mostly it passes on anything pressing to our democracy. In other words, anything for the people.


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