Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bush Fatigue?

The other day Poppy (George H.W. Bush) was asked if Jeb would run for President in 2008 and Poppy replied with perhaps the greatest understatement of all time:

"No, I think the public is suffering from a bit of 'Bush fatigue.'"


Oh Hon, you do not know the half of it. If I had MY way your palace at Kennebunkport (built on the profits of Auschwitz slave camp)would be national museum and healing center for war veterans, and people of color subjected to American industrial slavery.

Photographs of American torture.

While the TRUTH of what they are really delivering around the world goes unreported, so that history might repeat itself again and again and again.

Yup they right through, Big Smoke and Mirrors

Bush fatigue eh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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