Thursday, September 07, 2006

The ABC's of Giving Them Hell, Harry

After WWII, the stench of corruption was such a bitter taste in American mouths, that "give em hell Harry (Truman)" blew into office like a wild bush fire. (Even he however, did not manage to nail Hitler's Angel and financier, Prescott Bush, who had companies "seized for trading with the enemy").

Hopefully the role of American mainstream media will come under investigation, since it is clear to all that it has become an arm of the GOP. (Many of us think the only manufacturing jobs left in America are in the news)

"Clear Channel" promotes right wing fops like Rush Limbaugh, a hypocritical, blowhard typical of the short-on- facts, long-on-wind, rage filled rhetoric of the reicht.

Gee you must be on the O'Reilly show,

David Sirota

Give 'Em Hell, Harry - And Get Answers to These Questions (40 comments )
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Give-'Em-Hell Harry Reid today did a great service to America today by standing up, shutting down the Senate and demanding answers about how and why the Bush administration lied to America about the Iraq "threat" in the lead up to the war. This gutsy move by the Senate Minority Leader should be applauded, but the question now is, what's next?

What do we want to really know from the Bush administration? What specific questions does America deserve answers to?

While ABC revises history for the Bush occupation of the White House...

ABC Alters 9/11 Docudrama After Scenes Called Misleading, Biased Toward GOP...

“According to all credible reports, ABC and Disney have seriously overstepped the bounds of dramatic license with their so-called docudrama, ‘The Path to 9/11,’ with an egregious abuse of the facts.

“September 11 is hallowed ground. Misrepresenting anything connected with it is dangerous and wrong, and does a grave disservice to those who died that day.

“The continued efforts of the Bush Administration to falsely link the attacks of September 11 to the war in Iraq underscore the importance of representing these events with absolute accuracy. ABC must correct the factual inaccuracies of this movie before airing it.”
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Protect Americans' Social Security
Press Release: The President’s Transfer of CIA Detainees

...Keith Olberman of MSNBC asked mr. bush if "he had no shame?" One has to have conscience and empathy to have shame, neither of which appear to be on board in any member of the Bush administration.

The American news media sold the war as if they were a promotional arm of a corporation rolling out their latest marketing campaign. Wolf Blitzer toured Boeing factories showing photos of bombs and salivating over the fact that they would soon be dropping on Baghdad. Rumsfeld's Reptilians dropped a megaton bomb in the ocean off Florida slaughtering marine life for miles so they could terrorize the Iraqis, half of whom are children.

This Bush occupation needs a clean up president AND CONGRESS, who will regulate business, and bring the Bush crime family to justice. Sixty years of unprosecuted treason really IS long enough. Let's put this nattering, narcissistic pack of propagandizing prevaricators in Gitmo, and use the Patriot Act ( the "terrorist Act" , as babbling Bush called it yesterday) to do it. (If you have ANY hesitation, read the Declaration of Independence, and then use the energy of that document to stand in unity, across all races, across all beliefs to say,



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