Monday, September 04, 2006

Polar Bear and Politicians Penis Size Shrinks, Causing WWIII

After opting out of the International Court, and the Geneva Convention the United States of America, illegally, immorally, and criminally invaded and occupied Iraq. In so doing they divided up the ownership of Iraqi oil as a conquering, predatory army.

Why is this all happening?

I finally figured it out.

Polar bears penis size is shrinking and one can only surmise what is happening to the reptilian Republicans of Rumsfeld land.

Polar Bear Penises Shrink—Are Humans Next?

Bristly, 1000-pound brutes willing to claw it out for females and whisk them off for a week of spirited shagging, male polar bears might hook up with several mates in a season. They are not the stripe of male to suffer from any image problems when it comes to, well, having the right equipment—not, at least, until today, when the Nunatsiaq News of the Nunavik region of Arctic Quebec—surely an authority on polar bears--reported that their penises are shrinking.

A photograph accompanying the article shows a woman holding 20-odd polar bear penis bones, which were found by a recent study to be significantly shorter in bears exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals. The findings, published last month in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, adds fuel to concerns that a massive buildup of pesticides in the bodies of Arctic animals and hunters is causing environmental and health problems (see the story in Mother Jones). The issue may compound troubles caused by the bears’ loss of Arctic habitat. “Added to the stress of climate change,” the Nunatsiaq News points out, “this could be bad news for their survival.”...

Condi acting out Iraq "foreign policy" with DICK, er Cheney

"Act" being the key word here...

Honey you are looking at the product of a family of fascists from Sam Bush and the Merchants of Death in WWI to Genocide George and the Neo CON, PNAC Pre-emptive war crimes of the present.

We can thank George for ONE thing - exposure. He has managed to expose the entire criminal corporate crude
occupying the White House like a suffocating oil slick.

Time to go green, and send George to a shrinking ice floe to contemplate his shrinking penis size along with another being - perhaps there - George can find his humanity.


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