Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rumsfeld - the Nazi in the Mirror is You

Neo Cons base their rigid right wing mantra on the teachings of Leo Strauss. Strauss taught that most people were too stupid to govern themselves and so required the rule of an elite.

This administration has some gall calling anyone else a Nazi sympathizer, when the Bush family had companies "seized for trading with the enemy" THROUGHOUT WWII.

Ol Rummie making a mint on tragedy - his life.

Fascist Fox - deserves a class action suit for treason. They are nothing but a platform for Fascist Orthodox Xenophobia

The question that hangs in the air is how did this society produce the people and circumstances in which such orders could be given and carried out? It is exactly the same question that Germany had to face after 1945 but from this perspective the US seems poorly equipped educationally or morally to face it.

The addition of a personal sadistic and sexual element to the degradation makes it utterly clear what the torturers thought of their prisoners and of Arabs generally. And where did they develop that view of Arabs and Iraqis whom they were telling the rest of the world they were liberating from degradation and torture?


The USA and Israel, have opted out of International Court, defied the rules of the Geneva convention, attempted to systematically destroy the UN and today Donald Rumsfeld insulted the majority of the world by stating that those who disagree with his policy are equivalent to Nazi sympathizers.

Gee wrongo Donny baby that would put them in total agreement with you (being a nazi sympathizer that is) and I cannot think of many human beings who do agree with you on much of anything.

Why is it that in a country of over 240 million people, that Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney are involved in every war. Heck Lynn Cheney sat on the board of Lockheed Martin for 16 years, while contract after contract went their way. Now Dick is paid millions and contracts are directed to Halliburton with great entitlement, like who are "we" to question their holy hubris.

Rumsfeld the Nazi in the mirror is you, and we are quite tired of your sick projection of paranoid, fear driven drivel on the world - begone reptilian scourge of a being, be gone.

On behalf of Mother Earth and Father Sky - resign Rumsfeld...and pu-lease no self pitying, Tom Delay speeches, for once - just go.


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