Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's ALL Fascism: Christian, Islamic, Zionist - GET REAL

John Ashcroft set the stage when he used public funding to drape the statues of justice. Such a sense of entitlement from someone who could not win an election over a dead man, but clearly had the qualifications to be Attorney General under the Bush Occupation.

Katherine Harris another facsimile of a human being.

Where is her heart, her integrity, her character?
Bin Laden didn't pass the Patriot Act, gut the American middle class, or open American borders to cheap SLAVE labor.
Is THIS Islamo fascism? The Iraqis did NOT attack the USA and they are still under occupation and tortured as a matter of "policy".

For what ? The sick fantasies of Rumsfeld? Bush? Negroponte? Kissinger?

THIS is fascism: flag pledges, blind fanatic nationalism, blind obedience to a dictator, who constantly abuses the very public he claims to represent.

Get REAL Rummie, and quit patornizing us. We KNOW what fascism is and suggest you sir, look in the damn mirror.