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Harper Hands Bush Election Slush Fund

Harper polls about 2% less than Bush, and he has independent of Parliament, committed Canada to a WAR, not peacekeeping, - a WAR. He lied, just as Bush did, and then he supplied Bush with a slush fund, courtesy of the softwood lumber deal.

BOTH Are clearly dictators operating outside of congress, Canadian parliament and the law.

So it was heartening to find this story:

$450 million slush fund for Bush from Canadian lumber deal, just in time for the mid-terms

Submitted by lambert on Wed, 2006-08-30 00:44.

Yes, it seems that Bush has indeed wangled himself and Unka Karl $450 million smackeroos in a slush fund they can get their paws on right now and do anything they want with. Surprise! The story has a lot of detail, but the bottom line is simple:

The terms of the Softwood Lumber Agreement with Canada will give Bush complete control of an escrow account with $450 million in it, controlled by a board that Bush appoints, and which can be used for any purpose whatever, with no Congressional oversight.
Hats off to the Kossacks for frontpaging this story, ...

..let’s remember that what we’ve laughingly called Iraq “reconstruction” was funded with suitcases full of cash, and $8.6 billion is missing, presumed stolen.)

A $450 million slush fund would finance a lot of little October surprises. (Since Rove always operates at the margin, a lot of little surprises are more likely than the one big surprise that the BCW expects). It would finance, for example, any number of corrupt programmers if the election is close enough to steal. (Remember the Diebold programmer convicted of “tampering with computer files?)

So, here we have the government of Canada requiring that Canadian private parties sign over $450 million to an escrow fund slated to be conveyed to the White House.

Big words, Sahib, that I translate “slush fund.”

The agreement does not mention Congress, and the Bush administration says that Congress will not be involved in any way with this agreement.

Coverage from Think Progress (“It’s a slush fund”)

We in the great Republic to the South (of Canada) cheerfully ignore all things Canadian, and this story is no exception. And it’s no credit to the blogosphere that only one blog covered this one. (Maybe it’s just too big to see, or believe). Here’s how Think Progress covered the story, way back in June and linky-rich:

Obscure Trade Settlement Could Create $480 Million Slush Fund for White House

The United States lost virtually every major aspect of the litigation for the last five years, and as a result, a settlement seem elusive. Then, last April, the United States and Canada reached a surprise agreement.

(The New York Times reported that it is “not clear what will happen” with the money slated for this purpose.)

The deal was struck after direct communication between President Bush and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who are political allies and personal friends.

And now comes a passage so polite that it might as well have been written by a Canadian:

The fact that hundreds of millions of dollars may be headed to the White House with no oversight raises the possibility of abuse — especially five months before a federal election. This is a significant amount of money and the administration should explain exactly how it will be spent and who will be overseeing the
Dubya's Dolt
has made it clear from day one that he is in Bush's pocket - this proves it.

Now would someone get on the money trail from the fascist religious right money laundry in the USA to Harper. Ralphie Reed has just lost the Governor's race in Georgia because of the scams he was running with Abramoff. What did he do for Harper while campaigning in Canada?

Mr. Harper has over-reached and it is time to call him to account under the justice system of Canada.

Starting illegal wars, and creating slush funds for the cult to the south is NOT in the Canadian game plan.
Perhaps Mr. Harper would like to move to the USA since he seems to dislike Canada so much.

Afghanistan needs a huge military presence to protect the harvest of the poppy crop, the largest in its history. Ever wonder why George H. W. Bush is called, "Poppy."

I don't know about you, but I am about as outraged as I could possibly be. This dolt, this callous idiot of a NON-majority government has the ability to behave in this cavalier manner.

ARREST Harper and Bush and bring them to justice. These are simply thugs and dead enders incapable of operating within the bounds of the justice systems of either country.

No one will "win" these wars, and millions are being alienated daily by the unfair, aggressive, spin attempting to justify this madness.

Bring these Neo Cons to justice and then lets see how the world quiets down. Their motto afterall is "from chaos comes order." They will not be bringing peace to the world anytime soon.


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