Monday, August 28, 2006

The Criminalization of American Justice, Or - You Bet Your Ass I Am Angry

Not since WWII and the rise of Hitler have we seen such sanctioned national stupidity. Yet we are told these are the "elite" who need to lead us.
A "president" placed first by a corrupt Supreme Court and then by a Diebold.

Thanks corporate news they could not achieve this treason without your help.

Perhaps it is time to start a class action suit against the criminally negligent "Jon Bonet" fabricated news,
because very few of us trust a single word from "the most trusted name in news."

Meanwhile, a known pedophile has managed to manipulate the system in plain view of the world, flying business class to what most of us believed to be a bogus media circus, to distract from the ever growing list of criminal acts committed by the Bush administration and by mr. Bush himself.


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