Monday, August 28, 2006

Robbin' Hood From a Long Line of Bush Barbarians

Bush - The Dyslexic Robin Hood
by roseeriter

Wed Mar 16, 2005 at 01:48:24 AM PDT

"Taking from the poor and giving to the rich"

"The results of these and many more instances of "reverse RobinHoodism" (taking from the poor and giving to the rich), are clearly manifested in the wealth distribution in the United States. Thirty years ago, one percent of the U. S. households owned about twenty percent of the national wealth, and a typical CEO of a large corporation earned forty times as much as the average worker. Today, that one percent owns about half of the national wealth, and that same typical CEO is paid five hundred times as much as his worker. To put that number in perspective, this means that the CEO earns, in half a day, the annual salary of his median worker. As a result of the Bush policies, that trend can only accelerate."

"Social Democratic Morality," expressed in a political system best described by Abraham Lincoln as a "government of the people, by the people and for the people."
It is a government constrained by the rule of law to which all citizens, including the President and his Administration, must submit. It is a government, the policies, rules and legislation of which are designed to result in the greatest good for the greatest number in a regime of "equal justice under law." It is a government that acknowledges and protects such public goods as a clean environment, wild places, civic pride, public safety, and free association. And it is a government that proclaims that economic prosperity is cooperative achievement of workers and investors, as well as educators, researchers, and government.

George Bush has said that he wants to run the government like a business. He has achieved his objective, for although Bush was allegedly "elected" as President of all the people, Bush, Inc. is in effect, less a government than it is a vast holding company. The firm's executive officers are Bush, Cheney, and the Bush Cabinet. The Board of Directors are the Republican Party and the GOP Congressional leadership. The stockholders are the contributors to the Republican campaigns. The "accounts receivable" to the firm are the federal tax revenues from 280 million American citizens, who receive, in return, poor if any government services. Finally, the product of Bush, Inc., is regulatory relief, legislation, and government contracts, all designed to benefit the stockholders.

Bush, Inc.
is a truly remarkable accomplishment. Here is a system that deliberately and systematically extracts wealth from the vast majority of citizens that produce that wealth, as it simultaneously withdraws public services from those citizens.

The degradation of the natural environment adversely affects every citizen. The ill-gained windfall profits from relaxation of environmental regulation and enforcement, benefits the privileged few.

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