Friday, September 29, 2006

The Criminally Negligent Corporate Media

We now have an election system that can not be verified. This system is run and controlled by the people who are in office. This is outrageous. This is the stuff that ignites revolutions! Where are all the revolutionaries? Where is the outrage? Where is the anger?...

We have a government made up of members of a group called the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). The most elementary investigation into this group would raise suspicions about virtually everything that has taken place under the Bush administration yet not a word of this group has been uttered with the exception of a single Nightline episode. The chairman of this group, William Kristol, is a journalist who is a regular contributor to FOX News. When FOX News credits this person, they NEVER MENTION HIS ASSOCIATION WITH PNAC!!! He is a virtual member of and policy maker for the administration yet FOX News presents him as a fair and balanced neutral voice of a journalist. This makes Jeff Gannon look like Edward R. Murrow! We have a group of radical lunatics with goals of American primacy and empire, who openly state that their radical goals would not be accepted without some sort of catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor. Then these same people are in charge of protecting us from such an event when one just happens to occur and nobody in the media thinks that this is worth checking in to? If your local police chief had spoken publicly about the fact that he can get more funding for his department if there was a child molestation problem, and then suddenly there was a rash of child molestations where there had NEVER been any before, would you suspect something here? Would a JOURNALIST follow this lead?

From the environmental terrorism being conducted by the Bush administration that in itself will kill more people than all terrorist combined have and will be able to kill, to the complete and utter destruction of the political process that at least on paper protected the American people’s freedoms and democracy itself, issues like these go unmentioned by the media.

John Ashcroft who was ordered not to fly on September 11th, 2001 - had the Patriot Act written (taken from Hitler's Enabling Act) prior to 9/11.

And notice how much "war" coverage we get now that the "Middle East Market" doesn't look like such a cakewalk.

Ah well like Darfur the attacks are waaay down on the oil installations since they started the local genocide.

Another day, another oil company - another country lost to genocide - while the UN is accused of not acting,
and the lies go on and on.

The days of Edward R. Murrow, and integrity in media are l-ong gone. The President actually thinks that the solution to a problem is new spin, and the media have become the only manufacturing jobs left in America, with integrity - a price paid by he highest bidder.

The entire concept of bribery on the path to the presidency is so blatent that the news media state "the party with the most money always wins." Gosh especially when they have the media to flog something like the Swift Boat Veterans slime of Kerry for free.

Treason comes in many forms and if this criminal presidency is ever brought to justice, one hopes the corporate cretins who helped place them are charged with criminal conspiracy and negligence. We can all start by holding the media accountable now.


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