Saturday, June 03, 2006

Terrorizing Us to Distract From Them

How many Americans know that over 16,000 soldiers have suffered horrible injuries maiming them for life?

The news is getting out... time to bash the gay community.

It really doesn't matter what the excuse is - with these thugs - it is always time to bash our community. The bullies they are, we, like people of color, are their scapegoats.
Ah and then we have Baby Bush North, the American wanta be, Stephen Harper, Prime Minster with a raging mandate of 32% of the vote, only in office because of a split vote between two other parties - both left of the conservatives.
However Harper is already moving in lock step with the Abramoff religious right mafia to attack and smear our community by attempting to restrict our civil rights.

If you get to vote on my civil rights - do I get to vote on yours Herr Harper? How long do you bash our community - until Afghanistan cools down, or Bush is impeached, or Rove is finally indicted or you actually answer a question?

I just wanta know when the divine money trail from Abramoff (sentenced to six years) to
Canada is revealed and why we are not seeing more photographs of Ralphie Reed when he was up here campaigning for Harper. Reed, is/was the poster boy for the religious right and he too is now implicated with the indicted and sentenced Abramoff, it seems the pious Reed was ripping off his christian followers AND Native Americans.

All they need is John Howard (Australia) to have the Neo Con criminal cabal complete.

Harper rushing to emulate Bush and his illegal, criminal regime whose impeachment is currently demanded by millions.

104 law professors from universities across Canada wrote an open letter to Stephen Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party. It said, in part:

"It appears to be your intention to pass a law that you know is almost certainly unconstitutional and then leave it to the courts to clean up the mess. This would be untenable and irresponsible and we call on you to take a more responsible approach, namely to first refer your proposed legislation to the Supreme Court of Canada."

"You have insisted that the Supreme Court would defer to Parliament's decision to adopt a discriminatory definition of marriage, despite the overwhelming weight of legal jurisprudence to the contrary. If you truly believe that, then you should have no hesitation in agreeing to a Supreme Court reference."

"Passage of a law taking away the right to civil marriage from same-sex couples without first testing its constitutionality would be legally reckless."

Stephen Harper's "shining light."


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