Sunday, May 28, 2006

Scapegoating, Terrorizing Our Community the RNC Way

Indeed, an unprosecuted Bush, from Auschwitz to Abu Gharib, ...a track record over three generations.

How kinky, standing in the cross position smeared with shit.

Gee I wonder if he is overwhelmed with respect and awe for the those amazing Americans ?

Just think - our Canadian kids report to Americans in Afghanistan. I wonder what they are learning there? Wasn't that supposed to be a UN mission?

Hey not that approval ratings matter worth squat when they control the voting machines, have no paper trail and the exit polls mis-match the actual vote and the press buries it.

Global gluttons with two concerns:

money & power

A rare thank you to CNN and in particular Jack Cafferty for speaking truth to power.


CROOKS & LIARS Watch the video on the link. Here's the transcript:

Jack Cafferty: Wolf, Today's lesson in hypocrisy comes to us courtesy of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They met in a different private room behind closed doors today and approved a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage. at one point the thing got pretty ugly. A shouting match, between the Republican Chairman Senator Arlen Spector and Democratic Senator Russ Feingold, who said he was against the Amendment as well as Spector's decision to hold the vote in a private room out of the public's view. These guys are shameless. Feingold eventually stormed out telling Spector "I've enjoyed your lecture Mr Chairman. See ya."

Senator Spector in a real show of courage, says that he is "totally opposed to the Amendment", but he voted for it anyway saying that it deserves a debate in the Senate.

Majority Leader Bill Frist says the full Senate will now debate a Constitutional Amendment which has absolutely no chance of passing. Frist hopes to have a vote by June 5th. This is all being done by the republican majority in an effort to appeal to Right-wing nuts in the Republican Party ahead of the upcoming mid-term elections. Ignore all of the pressing issues facing the country, and instead go grovel at the feet of the lunatic fringe. Senator Frist should be very proud of himself. That's leadership. Here's the question: Is now the time for the Senate to consider a constitutional Amendment on gay marriage?"

The Republicans show their cowardice once again by hiding in a private room. Good for Feingold. Frist and the word "leadership" in the same sentence is scary. Lunatic fringe sounds about right to me. This should be called the "James Dobson" amendment.

Everytime these pious, pimps, of political propaganda get into a stew of their own making,
they attempt to distract by attacking our community.

I think it was Gandhi, when asked what he thought of American civilization, he said,

"I think it would be a good idea."

Me too.


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