Thursday, June 01, 2006

Terror, Manufactured in America - Sold Worldwide

A placed president operating above the law, obstructing justice while gutting the constitution.

Dr. Death, Negroponte architect of death squads and terror in South America - now the architect of made at home terror.
Head of American INTEL where he can wiretap your home at will.

Ah the School of Americas (referred to internationally as the School of Assassins) where for over thirty years the USA has trained bombers, rapists, murderers and death squads who are then returned to their home country to spread American "values."

The U.S. Army School of the Americas (SOA), located at Ft. Benning, Georgia, is a combat training school for Latin American soldiers. In its 50 year history, the SOA has trained 60,000 Latin American troops in commando tactics, military intelligence, psychological operations, and sniper fire. These soldiers are taught to make war against their own people. They have massacred entire villages of women, men, and children.

SOA graduates target grassroots leaders for assassination, torture, rape and intimidation -- especially religious workers, student organizers, and local union leaders. The School’s unstated mission is to silence leaders who organize for the rights of working people and the poor.
Our tax dollars train Latin American union busters at the SOA. Union members in the U.S. know that an attack on workers anywhere is an attack on the rights of workers everywhere. U.S. workers must speak out and join in solidarity with those trying to close this anti-union, anti-American institution.
Prior to 9/11 Bush received a briefing indicating that Bin Laden was planning on attacking the USA by hijacking airplanes... Bush's response - he told Ashcroft not to fly....then went on vacation at the ranch - just like Katrina.
He had all the information at hand and ignored it. Worse - with Katrina he actually diverted funds from disaster planning to Halliburton Hell in Iraq.

America's Caligula

Money and power the only two things of importance in the USA., under this illegal, immoral, war criminal "government"

Workers on both sides of the border know that NAFTA is anti-labor. NAFTA puts U.S. jobs in jeopardy and guts the bargaining power of both Latin American and U.S. workers. When transnational corporations can hire Latin American workers for shamefully low wages and get away with inhuman shop conditions, U.S. plants close to chase higher profits in the South. Workers in the U.S. and in Latin America suffer.
Hours after NAFTA went into effect, Mexican indigenous workers rose up to say "NO!" and they have paid a dear price for their opposition. The Mexican military moved in immediately with troops, helicopters, and artillery. At least 13 of the high level officers who planned the repression campaign trained at the School of the Americas.
The elite few in Mexico and the U.S. who benefit from NAFTA acted quickly to bolster the military "muscle" to silence the opposition. Shortly after the initial uprising, Mexican soldiers began to pour into the School of the Americas for training. Mexico now sends more soldiers to the SOA than any other country.
In 1996, the Pentagon was forced to release training manuals used at the SOA up until 1991. These manuals advocated interrogation techniques such as torture, execution, blackmail, and arresting the relatives of those being questioned. Labor organizers were one of the groups singled out in these manuals.
Consistently, the countries in Latin America with the worst human rights violations against labor leaders and others have received the most SOA training.

Colombia, for example, has sent over 10,000 military personnel to train at the School of the Americas -- more than any other single country. Tragically, the training has worked. Colombian SOA grads have left a trail of blood and suffering in their home country, and union members have been a prime target. In the early 1990's, one Colombian trade unionist was killed every other day, 180 a year. By 1996, the numberincreased to 253. Of every 10 trade unionists killed in the world in recent years, 4 were from Colombia. SOA grads are trained to help lead the campaign of terror and intimidation against union members.
Now with the new immigration laws, and worker cards, the USA is just like South Africa with legalized apartheid . Why are we not surprised. The need to enslave, brutalize and lie about it has never been faced in America, there is not one holocaust museum (built by the perpetrators) to 365 years of legalized slavery. ELEVEN million people have managed to come over the border to work for slave wages because the corporations who hire them are not prosecuted.
They, like this placed presidency, are above the law - and beneath contempt.


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