Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Your Silence Will Not Protect You

Colin Powell, who is often referred to as "a good soldier," is nothing more than a manikin of deceit for whomever happens to be the power to whom he kow tows.

He has lied on TWO occasions in order to bomb and invade Iraq. He follows orders and is a good gang man - gang over country.

Ah where greed meets crime - Neo Cons regardless of party


Former military man and present-day historian Andrew Bacevich on the Cheney-Rumsfeld-Wolfowitz attitude toward 9/11, here.

Yes, it was a disaster. Yes, it was terrible. But by God, this was a disaster that could be turned to enormous advantage. Here lay the chance to remove constraints on the exercise of American military power, enabling the Bush administration to shore up, expand, and perpetuate U.S. global hegemony.

Toward that end, senior officials concocted this notion of a Global War on Terror, really a cover story for an effort to pacify and transform the broader Middle East, a gargantuan project which is doomed to fail. Committing the United States to that project presumed a radical redistribution of power within Washington. The hawks had to cut off at the knees institutions or people uncomfortable with the unconstrained exercise of American power. And who was that? Well, that was the CIA. That was the State Department, especially the State Department of Secretary Colin Powell. That was the Congress.

Congress and American media sit, like spectators, watching crime after crime committed by Bush and the boys, with Condi wanta be wife, mime and mirror spewing the latest laughable spin.

Audre Lorde - Warrior Poet

"Your silence will not protect you"

In Warrior Poet, Alexis De Veaux breaks through the myths and iconic status of Lorde and takes us on a journey of Lorde's transformation from lesbian "gal" to poet, social activist, cancer survivor and finally black feminist lesbian warrior poet. A homage to a great Black lesbian feminist - Bibliography

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Simply breaking self imposed silence and speaking truth to bigotry is a start.

Yes Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada - cancel the contract that gave the build of our census system to a military industrial contractor involved in TORTURE.
Lockheed Martin is doing the hardware and software for the Canadian census system. Interesting how our fathers died in trenches fighting facism, while our federal government sees fit to HIRE THEM and send our soldiers to be trained and work under their command. Do they train them in torture too?

Do we also deport to countries who torture ?
It is time to stand and be counted. Let's boot the Bushs outa the people's house and hold them accountable for thirty years of war crimes.



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