Sunday, June 04, 2006

Bush's Mirror - Canada's Chilling Corporate Clone

Over 20 candidates and members of Parliament for the Conservative Party of Canada, including leader Stephen Harper, Justice Critic Vic Toews, Foreign Affairs Critic Stockwell Day and Firearms Critic Garry Breitkreuz, have links to organizations established under the umbrella of the Council for National Policy (CNP), an American group that the New York Times calls a “club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country,” and which Rolling Stone reports has “funnelled billions of dollars to right-wing Christian activists.”

For the Canadian and American paid off corporate owned press - the MONEY TRAIL from fascist USA to fascist Canada.

A Chilling Echo - Bush's Republicans

Canada's 2006 Elections


The 2006 federal election has set the stage for a possible dismantling of Canada's distinctive social and economic fabric. The newly evolved Conservative Party, in many respects a chilling echo of the USA's Republican Party, is poised for a two-stage attack to reshape Canada in line with its Canadian version of America's neoconservative ideology.

Indeed playing President Stephen Harper, has taken to instructing God (in like American kind) to "Bless Canada" - invariably in front of a Canadian flag. (Flag pledges here we come).
He has not escaped the notice of

President Stephen Harper

Oil for one, one for oil?

Is he governing for Canada, or just Alberta?

By Murray Dobbin Published: April 20, 2006

The only thing missing when Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks is an American flag as the backdrop.

A long time admirer of everything American, Harper even included an explicitly pro-American clause in the Reform Party's constitution. He has even begun extending his admiration of American political ideology to an adoption of a presidential political style. The change in style ranges from the relatively benign practice of recognizing visitors in the Commons Gallery (an American, not Canadian practice) to the more serious treatment of his cabinet ministers as if they were appointed lackeys (as US cabinet members are) and not elected representatives. At his news conferences, he has tried to enforce a system where only a very select number of journalists will be allowed to ask him questions. Those deemed "unfriendly" to the regime are effectively silenced.

Those matters of style are troubling, but it is still the substance of the parallels with George Bush that are the most serious. The latest example is on the climate change front. Just as all kinds of dedicated unbelievers are reluctantly getting on the climate change train - Tony Blair, Australia's John Howard, Time magazine, the Pentagon and even George Bush - Harper is determined to take Canada off the train. Why?

The answer might lie in Oilberta, just as George Bush's hatred of Kyoto is rooted in Texas oil fields.

No debate, no accountablity
And just like the criminal cabal to the south - unreported.